Membership Benefits

Established in 1991, the chamber helps its members achieve their goals in China by providing a platform for them to interact with each other and the Chinese and US governments. Read on to understand more about all the benefits of being an AmCham China member.

Membership Information

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AmCham China Overview

At the heart of the American business community in China, AmCham China connects US citizens and businesses with a vibrant and active volunteer-led platform that represents the business interests of American multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and individuals investing and operating in China.
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Advocacy and Influence

The chamber prides itself on maintaining broad and substantial relations with the Chinese and US governments, at both senior and working levels. Many of our members find AmCham China to be the perfect platform through which to engage the various levels of the national and local governments in China, helping them make their voices heard when it comes to improving the business environment.
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Events and Information

AmCham China hosts more than 250 events every year, inviting some of the most important business and political leaders in US-China relations as well as leading academics and specialists to share their views with our members.
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Forums and Committees

The core of AmCham China’s activities is our working groups. We have forums and committees focusing on industry sectors and special interests that span from Chinese government affairs to golf.
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Marketing Opportunities - Publications

Many of our members are attracted to AmCham China for access to our communications channels. There are numerous ways to reach the chamber’s more than 3,800 cardholders, as well as employees of the more than 1,000 companies that are AmCham China members.
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Marketing Opportunities - Events

The chamber holds more than 250 events of all sizes every year, offering companies targeted channels to reach potential clients with both printed materials and face-toface contact.
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As a unique platform for business in China, AmCham China is always seeking new ways to provide value to its members. One of the many ways we do this is through the provision of services that help our members do business in China.
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Membership Team

Contact the membership team if you wish to become a member.