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US Embassy in Beijing Seeks Volunteer Wardens

The following letter is sent on behalf of the US Embassy in Beijing. The Embassy is seeking US citizens who may be interested in becoming volunteer wardens for its Warden System.

Dear AmCham China Member,

The US Embassy in Beijing is currently seeking volunteer wardens for its Warden System – American citizens who will assist the Embassy in serving fellow US citizens in the Beijing consular district. The Embassy’s consular district stretches from Hunan in the south to Inner Mongolia in the north, and from Xinjiang to Shandong. At any one time there are approximately 40,000 registered Americans residing in our district in addition to tens of thousands of American tourists. Providing essential information to all Americans in China is a monumental task. To get the job done, we need help from private American volunteers who are willing to serve as conduits of information between the Embassy and the Americans living in each geographic region.

Serving as a Warden involves performing three regular functions: (1) keeping the Embassy informed of developments in the province or city where you live that may impact U.S. citizens; (2) encouraging US citizens to register with the Embassy through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program; and (3) communicating with consular officials and Americans in your district in the event of an emergency.

First, we request that you keep us apprised of any events in your area that has, or has the potential to, impact US citizens. Your local knowledge and on-the-ground assessments help us provide accurate and timely information to other Americans in China.

Second, we ask that you encourage other Americans to enroll in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which they can access at this website: http://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui. Also, please encourage them to update their enrollment information when it changes. This further enables us to reach out to these citizens in the event of a crisis.

Third, we request that you serve as a conduit for information in the event of an emergency. You will keep an updated list of names and contact information in your warden zone. When an emergency occurs, messages will be relayed to you, and you will determine how to most efficiently disseminate them. You will coordinate with the Embassy in choosing assembly areas and movement routes. You will serve as the liaison between consular officers at the Embassy and the Americans in your district.

Being a warden generally does not require a significant time commitment and is done on a voluntary basis. However, in an urgent situation, it is a valuable way to serve your country and your fellow Americans residing in China. As a warden, it is helpful to become familiar with the American Citizen Services page of the Embassy’s website, http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/service.html. Copies of warden messages and any other topics of general interest to citizens overseas can be found there.

Below this letter you may find a more detailed description of warden duties. We look forward to receiving the signed Memorandum of Agreement with your current contact information. Thank you again for your service.


American Citizen Services

US Embassy Beijing, China

 Click Here to Download the Warden Agreement Form

Questions and completed forms should be sent to Noah Hogan at AmCitBeijing@state.gov


  • Recommend an alternate warden from the list of US citizens in your warden zone. The alternate warden will also sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the Consular Officer after being approved by the Consular Section Chief.
  • With the alternate warden, agree how you will operate the warden notification system within your warden zone. Notify each other if one of you will be absent or out of the country. If both of you will be away at the same time, please designate a second alternate and immediately notify the warden coordinator in the Embassy’s consular section by email (AmCitBeijing@state.gov) or by fax (86-10-8531-3300). The alternate warden and second alternate must sign a Memorandum or Agreement with the U.S. embassy/consulate. In your message, please provide the alternate warden's name, address, and contact numbers, and length of time that s/he will cover during your absence. This way, the warden zone will be covered at all times.
  • Regularly update the list of names, street addresses, phone/fax numbers, and email addresses of US citizens in your warden zone. Report all changes to the Embassy' warden system coordinator at the above email address, fax number, or our postal address (No. 55 An Jia Lou Rd., Beijing, China 100600).
  • In the event of a crisis, our foremost concern is your safety. Do not put yourself at personal risk to deliver messages, information or services to us or others. When you are in a safe location, you should contact the Consular Section so that we can confirm your well being and whereabouts. Be aware of your surroundings and report information that can help consular officers assess the situation. This will help the Embassy and the Department of State understand where there are needs to be met and how best to respond.
  • The Consular Section transmits Messages to US citizens electronically, but there may be instances during crises where local infrastructure fails or inhibits the delivery of timely messages by the Consular Section. If necessary, Messages for the local U.S. community may be relayed from the embassy or consulate to you for dissemination by any means available to you.
  • Distribute Emergency Messages, Security Messages, or Messages for the local US community as relayed from the embassy or consulate to the members of your warden zone. The embassy/consulate will relay Messages to you via email, fax, or telephone. Arrange the fastest mode of dissemination of information possible in your warden zone (this might include forwarding the Warden email to a group e-mail list, a cascade telephone system, faxing, or “buddy” system, depending on the distribution of citizens within your zone.


  • Remain at home or office communication from the embassy. If possible, the embassy will email information directly to your email address. You can then distribute this message In addition, identical information will promptly appear on the embassy’s Web page at (http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn). Wardens who do not have Internet access can call 86-10-8531-4000.
  • Distribute Messages verbatim from the embassy or consulate regarding the status of the emergency and suggested actions to be taken. Coordinate with embassy/consulate personnel in choosing assembly areas and movement routes, should it be necessary to move people to a central location to facilitate communication, documentation, and/or evacuation.
  • Report back to the embassy or consulate the results of efforts to contact the members of your warden zone, information as provided by the local U.S. community and any situational information about your zone via AmCitBeijing@state.gov or by fax (86-10-8531-3300). Wardens who do not have Internet access may call 86-10-8351-4000.

 Click Here to Download the Warden Agreement Form

Questions and completed forms should be sent to Noah Hogan at AmCitBeijing@state.gov

US citizens resideing overseas are also highly encourged to register with the State Department. To register online, go to http://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/ui