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The 2010 AmCham China White Paper on the State of American Business in China is now easier than ever to access. For the first time, the complete English text is available for downloading onto Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, making the chamber’s definitive policy document as portable as it is authoritative.  Policy wonks, or anyone with an interest in the issues shaping US-China economic relations, can now download an electronic version of the White Paper directly to their Kindles, or read it on their iPad by downloading the PDF version from AmCham China’s website.  Download the White Paper today and reference it when or wherever you need it.

(Note: Kindle does not support Chinese characters at this time.)

2010 White Paper on the State of American Business in China (complete PDF)

April 26, 2010: AmCham China 2010 White Paper Press Release. (English), (Chinese)

 Chairman's Message

Part One: The Business Climate for American Firms in China

 Overview (1-1)
Climate Change, Energy and the Environment (1-2)
Competition Law (1-3)
Corporate Social Responsibility (1-4)
Customs (1-5)
Export Controls (1-6)
Food & Product Safety (1-7)
Goverment Procurement (1-8)
Human Resources (1-9)
Intellectual Property Rights Protection (1-10)
Tax (1-11)
Visa Policy (1-12)
Data Charts (1-13)

Part Two: Industry Issues

Agriculture (2-1)
Civil Aviation (2-2)
Construction Engineering and Design (2-3)
Cosmetics (2-4)
Direct Sales (2-5)
Financial Services (2-6)
Innovation, Information and Communications

Technology Policy (2-7)
Insurance (2-8)
Legal Services (2-9)
Media and Entertainment (2-10)
Healthcare Medical Devices (2-11)
Pharmaceuticals (2-12)
Real Estate (2-13)
Retail (2-14)
Transportation and Logistics (2-15)

Part Three: Provincial/City Issues

Provincial Investment Environment (3-1)
Beijing (3-2)
Central China (3-3)
Southwest China (3-4)
Tianjin (3-5)
Yangtze River Delta (3-6)


2010 White Paper Priority Recommendations Table


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