White Paper

AmCham China’s American Business in China White Paper (White Paper) synthesizes the collective views of AmCham China’s member companies and contains suggestions for both the US and Chinese government on how to improve the business climate.

With industry and regional chapters, the White Paper is a comprehensive publication that presents the views and insights of our collective membership on trade and commercial issues affecting the US business community in China, as well as our views on the PRC’s overall business environment. With over 2,600 members from more than 1,200 companies, our members represent the perspective of US companies in China.

New and expanded chapters for 2011 include:

- Banking
- Bond Markets
- Business Process Outsourcing
- Chengdu
- Chongqing
- Clean Technology and Environmental Protection
- Construction Equipment Manufacturing
- Dalian
- Energy, Oil and Power
- Express Delivery Services
- Information and Communications Technology and Cyber Security
- Innovation Policy
- Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
- Standards, Certification and Licensing

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Press Release

 April 26, 2011: AmCham China 2011 White Paper Press Release (English and Chinese)

Talking Points

Complete White Paper PDF

 English  Chinese


 Front Cover and Chairman's Message

Part One: The Business Climate Overview

China's Economic Restructuring and Business Environment (1-1)
Business Climate Survey (1-2)
2011 White Paper Priority Recommendations Scorecard (1-3)

Part Two: Industrial Policy and Market Access

Competition Law (2-1)
Government Procurement (2-2)
Innovation Policy (2-3)
Intellectual Property Rights (2-4)

Standards, Certification and Licensing (2-5)

Part Three: Cross-Sector Issues

Business Sustainability (3-1)
Customs (3-2)
Food and Product Safety
High-Tech Trade Promotion and Export Controls (3-4)
Human Resources (3-5)
Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (3-6)

Tax Policy (3-7)

Visa Policy (3-8)

Part Four: Industry-Specific Issues

Agriculture (4-1)
 Banking (4-2)
Bond Markets (4-3)
Business Process Outsourcing (4-4)
Civil Aviation (4-5)
Clean Technology and Environmental Protection (4-6)

Construction, Engineering and Design (4-7)
Construction Equipment Manufacturing (4-8)
Cosmetics (4-9)

Direct Sales (4-10)
Energy, Oil and Power (4-11)
Express Delivery Services (4-12)
Healthcare, Medical Equipment and Devices (4-13)
Information and Communications Technology and Cyber Security (4-14)
Insurance (4-15)
Legal Services (4-16)
Media and Entertainment (4-17)
Real Estate (4-18)
Retail (4-19)

Part Five: Provincial/City Issues

Provincial Investment Environment (5-1)
Beijing (5-2)

Chengdu (5-3)
Chongqing (5-4)
Dalian (5-5)
Shanghai (5-6)
Tianjin (5-7)
  Wuhan (5-8)


AmCham China members are sent a free copy of the White Paper and may purchase additional copies for RMB 250.

The non-member cost is RMB 550. All prices include express shipping.

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