AmCham China has released its 16th annual Business Climate Survey, which takes the measure of the business landscape, as reported by our members engaged in business throughout China. The annual survey included responses from 365 AmCham China members regarding their views on issues such as the investment environment, human resources and the Shanghai free trade zone. Overall, American business remains optimistic about the business climate in China even as economic realities temper growth prospects.

China in Transition
After years of meteoric growth, China’s economy and the overall business environment are now more soberly assessed by AmCham China member companies.

Business Environment
According to the survey, AmCham China members, like all private companies, face a number of fundamental challenges in doing business in China: rising labor costs, inconsistent or unclear laws and regulations, difficulties in obtaining reliable data and the influence of state-owned enterprises.

Closely Watched New Questions
The Shanghai free trade zone and bilateral China-US investment treaty are important components of China’s reform agenda and close to the hearts of our members.

Optimistic Outlook
AmCham China members remain optimistic and look forward to playing an important role in China’s future.

2014 Business Climate Survey

2014 Business Climate Survey

Full report and analysis of the business climate based on input from AmCham China members throughout China. The Business Climate Survey is free to download for AmCham China card-holding members. Employees of member companies and non-members may purchase a PDF copy of the Survey for a cost of RMB 350.

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The printed copy of the 2014 Business Climate Survey will be sent to AmCham China card-holding members along with the April issue of Business Now. Card-holding members may also download a PDF copy of the survey for free. Employees of AmCham China's member companies and non-members may download the PDF version for a cost of RMB 350.