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Brands Adjust to Changing Consumer Habits and Economic Trends in China

Ad exec Carol Potter, CEO of BBDO China, discusses changing consumer habits and economic trends. Potter shares what brands are doing in the face of tier-one city slowdowns and the overall outlook of the Chinese market for global advertising.  

Deciphering CFIUS with Jonathan Gafni

Jonathan Gafni, president and chief Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) strategist of Compass Point Analytics, provides insight on the CFIUS review process.

Interpreting the Obama-Xi Presidential Summit

Foreign policy expert Dr. Zongze Ruan offers his take on the recent presidential summit in California between US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping. 



How Asia Works - Success and Failure in the World’s Most Dynamic Region

Author Joe Studwell discusses Asia's successes and failures in economic development and the key to foreign business success.

Improving Cooperation on Global Governance

Prof. Scott Kennedy of Indiana University and Dr. He Fan of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences discuss a new report they co-authored that lays out policy recommendations for the US-China relationship.

Rethinking the China Model with Yasheng Huang

MIT’s Yasheng Huang explains why the Chinese state has seen bigger economic gains than individual citizens – and what the government can do to fix the situation. 



Lianghui Takeaways with Chris Johnson of CSIS

Longtime China analyst Chris Johnson, now at CSIS, discusses the upshot of top-level bureaucratic shuffles in the wake of the lianghui.



James Fallows on China’s Capacity for Innovation

Author and Atlantic correspondent James Fallows offers his take on China’s capacity for innovation (and a review of the Internet with Chinese characteristics).



Achieving Success in Lower-Tier Markets

Ogilvy & Mather's Kunal Sinha discusses a recently released study on consumer behavior in China's lower-tier markets.



Polling Snapshot - How Chinese, Americans View Each Other

Surveys by Pew Research have yielded some surprises about how Chinese and Americans view each other and see their own country’s role in the world, says Pew director of global attitudes Bruce Stokes.



The Banking Global Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard Of

China Development Bank is not only financing China., Inc.’s overseas expansion, but it’s also doling out billions of dollars in loans to cement ties with China’s new allies in Africa and South America, according to a new book by Henry Sanderson and Michael Forsythe.



Election, Take Two: A Chinese Perspective

Tian Wei, host of two current affairs programs on CCTV, offers her take on US election results. Click the speaker icon below to listen.



How the US Election Played in China

Paul Haenle, director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center and a former staffer in the Bush and Obama administrations, discusses what the US election means for Sino-US relations.



Podcast: Making Weibo Work for Your Company

Social media expert Jeremy Goldkorn (also of offers dos and don’ts for companies looking to bulk up their Weibo presence.



China’s Role in the Global Internet

Former US Federal Communications Commissioner Reed Hundt on ideas for governing the global Internet – and how China fits in.



The Uses and Abuses of State Capitalism

Former AmCham China chairman Jim McGregor discusses his new book on how state capitalism skews the playing field for business in China.


What Fried Chicken Sales Say about China’s Economy, from Standard Chartered’s Stephen Green

China econ guru Stephen Green of Standard Chartered on what you can learn from KFC’s quarterly sales and how China’s stalled reform agenda weighs on growth.




Understanding China’s Next Leaders

Chris Johnson, a long-time China analyst formerly at the CIA, discusses the new generation of political leaders. Use the online audio player below to listen.



Selling China Short

Business professor Paul Gillis explains the backlash against investors who dig up dirt on US-listed Chinese shares, then bet their stock prices will dive.



The Whys and Hows of China’s Online Retail Price War

Caixin editor Han Wei explains the high stakes and tough tactics associated with the online retail price war now underway in China.



What Drives Innovation in China

A survey on innovation in China shows Chinese firms are getting more competitive, says Booz & Co. director Steven Veldhoen.



Michael Pettis on the Upside of China’s Economic Slowdown

The good news is that rebalancing has started; the bad news is that the slowdown will be sharper than expected, contends China economic analyst Michael Pettis.


Understanding Burma’s Democratic Reforms

New Yorker correspondent Evan Osnos, who’s written on the sweeping political reforms in Burma, explains why the changes came about and how they’ve altered Burma’s relations with China. 




Purge in Pyongyang: The Latest Read on the Secretive State

The purge of a top military official shows North Korea’s new leader has had trouble cementing his hold on power, says analyst Bruce Klingner.



New Revelations About Controversies at China's Railway Ministry

AmCham China speaks with Gu Yongqiang, an investigative reporter from Caixin magazine. He co-authored a July 2012 cover story on China's high-speed rail system. The story questions the motives of former railway minister Liu Zhijun and government claims that China had sufficiently mastered the core technology



The Black Box of State Capitalism and State Owned Enterprises

Columbia Law School Professor Curtis Milhaupt discusses a recent paper he co-authored on China's state-owned enterprises, the key institutions driving China's growth.




Taking on the Digital Revolution in China

Jason Cheng, managing director of the Saatchi Labs of Saatchi & Saatchi, provides insights into latest trends in consumer behavior and how leading marketers are deploying the latest technologies.



Hoping to Hit a Home-Run in China

During the recent Major League Baseball Roadshow in Beijing, AmCham China spoke with Leon Xie, MLB China managing director, about the roadshow and their efforts to promote baseball in China. 

China in Africa - The Other Story

Deborah Brautigam, author of The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa, draws on three decades of research on China in Africa to sort out the myths and the realities of Chinese engagement.



US Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats Discusses S&ED Issues

AmCham China speaks with US Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats about key issues discussed during the recent round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue that took place in Beijing.



China's Rebalancing with Derek Scissors

AmCham China speaks with economist Derek Scissors from the Heritage Foundation about China's economic rebalancing.


Ambassador Locke on the S&ED and FDI

US Ambassador Locke talks about the recent US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, as well as some of the initiatives he is undertaking to improve Chinese direct investment into the United States.


What You Need to Know about IP in China

Former Microsoft IP guru Mark Cohen outlines mistakes to avoid to help protect your company’s intellectual property in China.


For Hollywood, a Blockbuster Breakthrough in China

Steven Irvine, editor of the Week in China newsletter, discusses VP Xi Jinping’s visit to the US, an expanded quota for US films in China, and “Linsanity.”


China and the US in a G-Zero World

Ian Bremmer, president of research and consulting firm the Eurasia Group, describes the Chinese version of state capitalism and discusses what he calls the emerging “G-zero world.”


Beijing’s “Mother River” Gets a Makeover

Beijing’s once-fierce Yongding River has been redeveloped as a recreational area, eliciting criticism from some environmentalists.


A Transformed China Still Tight with Pyongyang

Reality check for US policymakers: North Korea’s new leader can expect to receive continued strong support from Beijing, says Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt of the International Crisis Group.


Shift in China’s Policies Likely to Hurt US Automakers

After years of encouraging foreign investment in the Chinese auto industry, Beijing has withdrawn the welcome mat. Longtime China auto consultant Michael Dunne explains what it means for US automakers. Click here for a link to Michael Dunne’s book on the history of GM in China.


The Eurocrisis and Implications for China

American University professor Matthias Matthijs discusses the need for rebalancing in Europe, and parallels between intra-Europe tensions and the US-China relationship.


A Survey of China’s GDP Standouts – and Laggards

Economic Observer editor Zhang Hong explains why Beijing is an economic laggard, and what’s behind the star performances of Tianjin and Shaanxi province.


The Secrets of Apple and Other Top MNCs in China

What do Apple, noodle-making giant Tingyi, and Alfred Dunhill have in company? Will Pirie from Week in China says they belong to a select group of multinationals that have figured out how to sell to the Chinese consumer.


Can North Korea Get Any Worse?

John Glionna, Seoul correspondent for the L.A. Times, describes reactions to Kim Jong Il’s death (and explains what Barbara Streisand and Kim shared in common).


World Bank Chief Economist on China’s Economy

World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin addresses the risks to China’s growth outlook, both from the inside and outside.


Former US Commerce Sec. Mickey Kantor on Asia Trade

Former US Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor offers his thoughts on the importance of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) – and some concerns about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement.


Data in China: How Private Is It?

Data privacy expert Martin Abrams explains how the nature of privacy legislation is changing, and why China needs it.


US Sec of State Highlights New Strategic Focus on Asia

AmCham China President Christian Murck discusses the implications of an important new Foreign Policy article highlighting the growing importance of Asia to the US.


Missouri Governor Seeks to Bolster China Ties

China’s growing appetite for products like corn and soybeans make it a promising market for Missouri exports, said Show-Me state Governor Jay Nixon during his recent trip to Beijing.


Economic Growth Trends in Fujian Province

Victoria Lai, an editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit, discusses economic growth trends in Fujian province – the destination for AmCham China’s late October provincial trip.


China’s Internet Gets Social

Craig Watts, market intelligence director for GroupM, discusses a report he wrote exploring an ongoing transformation in who uses the Internet in China, and why.


Reading China’s Economic Tea Leaves

Tom Orlik, author of Understanding China’s Economic Indicators, explains which numbers deserve attention, which merit skepticism, and how investors can get an early read on where the economy’s going. 


Chinese Immersion for US Primary School Students

A stunning half of all students in one Minnesota school district have enrolled in an innovative language immersion program.


Big Changes for China’s Internet Start-ups?

There’s speculation Beijing may soon overhaul a complex corporate structure that has allowed foreign investors ownership in Chinese Internet companies (which are technically off limits). Paul Gillis, who teaches accounting at Peking University, explains what the rumored regulatory shift could mean for Internet companies in China.


What Melting Glaciers Mean for China

Longtime China watcher Orville Schell, now at the Asia Society, discusses “Coal & Ice,” a new photography exhibit opening in Beijing that documents the rapid melting of the Himalayan glaciers.


US Ambassador Locke Delivers Inaugural Economic Speech

In his first economic speech as US Ambassador, at an event co-hosted by AmCham China,  Ambassador Gary Locke called on the Chinese government to do away with curbs on foreign investment and to abolish the long-standing foreign investment catalogue that outlines restrictions across many industries.




Chinese Brands in Tinseltown

Entrepreneur Sirena Liu, who pioneered the placement of four Chinese brands in this summer’s blockbuster movie Transformers 3, discusses the business of Chinese product placement.



An Early Read on China’s Anti-Monopoly Law

US Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz offers his take on the anti-monopoly law in practice.


Social Media: “Antenna” for Chinese Public Sentiment

Social media channels offer unparalleled on-the-ground intel in China, says Burson-Marsteller China CEO Chris Deri.


Forget About Guanxi

The new government relations is a lot more complex, says consultant and former Chinese official Yuan Haiying.


Land Rights the Cure for Farmers’ Ills

Keliang Zhu, an attorney with nonprofit Landesa, explains why land registration is so critical for China’s farmers.


Why China Has Re-Regulated

Academic and author Roselyn Hsueh on the economic strategy that has allowed China to nurture “domestic champions” while keeping the upper hand over foreign companies.  Roselyn Hsueh is the author of the book China's Regulatory State: A New Strategy for Globalization.


Real Estate Takes Off in Second-Tier Markets

Michael Hart, chairman of AmCham China’s Tianjin chapter and managing director at Jones Lang LaSalle, explains why residential property prices in Tianjin have tripled in the past six years. 


Making Export Controls Work Better

Marc Allen, CEO of Boeing China and co-chair of the chamber’s Export Compliance Working Group, explains what the group is doing to promote US-China trade within the export controls system.


Europe’s Sharply Divided Views on China

Francois Godement co-authored a European Council on Foreign Relations report that examines a new Continental division on China: the “frustrated market-openers” versus the “cash-strapped deal-seekers.” Click here to find out more and read the report.


A Hotel Giant's China Strategy

Starwood CEO Frits van Paasschen explains what he learned after moving his global headquarters to China for a month to better understand a key growth market. Starwood is one of the world’s largest hotel companies with a portfolio of nine owned brands, including the St. Regis, its main luxury hotel brand.


Investment Trip Report: Inner Mongolia

Wang-Li Moser, Intel China’s GM of corporate programs and a vice-chairwoman on AmCham China’s Board of Governors, discusses highlights of the July 2011 chamber-sponsored trip to Inner Mongolia.


 Chips on the Table

Q&A with Kirby Jefferson, head of Intel’s recently-opened $2.5 billion facility in Dalian – the company’s first chipmaking plant in China.


Inner Mongolia Mines Big-time Growth

Bet you didn’t know Inner Mongolia boasted the fastest GDP growth in China over the past decade. Learn what’s driving the region’s outsized growth in a podcast with Qian Liu, senior econometrician at the Economist Intelligence Unit. AmCham China’s Inner Mongolia trip takes place July 5-8. Click here to find out more about the Provincial Trip Program.


Advocating Free Trade - A Discussion with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers

In this China Brief Insight podcast, AmCham China talks with Dennis Slater, president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). AEM has many allied interests with AmCham China, such as its advocacy of free trade and its working relationship with the US government on international trade barrier issues, both of which would help make US companies more competitive on global markets. AEM is the leading association for construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers in the US.


Poised for Take-off? Chinese FDI in the US

Daniel Rosen, author of a report on Chinese FDI in the US, speaks about perceived and actual barriers to investment.

Mr. Rosen is a principal at the Rhodium Group, a New York-based research firm. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.


Blues in Beijing - Alan Paul’s Musical Memoir

In his book Big in China, Alan Paul describes his unlikely evolution from expat dad to touring blues celebrity.


Beyond Pandas: WWF on the China Environment

Jim Leape, director general of WWF International, speaks on balancing economic growth and sustainability in China.



Palace Museum on the Move

In this special edition of China Brief Insight, AmCham China caught up with Laurie Winters, director of exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum, to find out about the Palace Museum treasures currently on display in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Art Museum is the last leg of the exhibition entitled The Emperor’s Private Paradise: Treasures from the Forbidden City. The exhibition runs from June 11 to September 11, 2011, before returning to the Forbidden City in Beijing.


What Managers Need to Know about the FCPA

Steven Tyrrell, who formerly oversaw prosecutions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act at the Department of Justice, sums up what executives at US companies need to know about the law.


One Heck of an ECFA

Bill Wiseman, a managing partner at McKinsey and chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, outlines the benefits of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement – a major new trade agreement between Taiwan and the mainland.


Oakland Mayor Deepens China Ties

Oakland, California Mayor Jean Quan, the first Asian-American woman to be mayor of a major US city, discusses the city’s plans to attract Chinese investment and tourism.


Fostering Cultural Exchange Through a Chinese Garden

In this special edition of China Brief Insight, AmCham China visits the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, US, home of the the Margaret Grigg Nanjing Friendship Garden. The Margaret Grigg Nanjing Friendship Garden was established as part of the sister city relationship between St. Louis and Nanjing.

AmCham China is joined with Special Exhibits Manager Lynn Kerkemeyer to talk about the upcoming Chinese Culture Days event at the Garden.





The Mood in Washington Towards China

Jonathan Mantz of BGR Government Affairs, a key consulting firm in Washington, DC, discusses the mood in Washington towards China and the future of China-US relations.   



Changes in 2012

Derek Scissors, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, predicts that upcoming political leadership shuffles in both China and the US could lead to heightened tensions in 2012. 

In early 2010, Mr. Scissors sat down with AmCham China for a video interview in which he discussed the China Global Investment Tracker, a comprehensive dataset of large Chinese investments and contracts worldwide beyond Treasury bonds. You may watch the video interview by clicking here




China’s State Financing Engine


Carl Walter, co-author of Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China’s Extraordinary Rise”, describes the complex ties between the Chinese government, state banks and state-owned enterprises. 


Doubling Down

Courtney Gregoire, director of the US National Export Initiative, explains what the US is doing to double exports over five years.




Competitive Challenges of State Capitalism

Stephen Kho, a partner at the law firm of Akin Gump and former staffer at the Office of the US Trade Representative, discusses the competitive challenge posed by China’s brand of “state capitalism.”





US Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats on SOEs

In his speech during AmCham China's DC Outreach event in Washington entitled, "The China Model and the US Dilemma", US Undersecretary of State Robert Hormats focuses on Chinese state aid for SOEs and calls for a more level playing field.






Getting Corporate Strategy Right in China

Kenneth Lieberthal, author of the forthcoming book Managing the China Challenge: How to Achieve Corporate Success in the People's Republic, highlights what foreign companies need to understand about the close ties between the economy and politics.





Helping US Companies Win

Former AmCham-Chairman John D. Watkins, Jr. on cooperation programs.




Time for a Tax Cut

Economics Professor Gan Li of Texas A&M discusses the thinking behind new moves to cut income taxes and raise minimum wages in China.





(Business) Climate Outlook: Getting Cooler?

Ted Dean, Chairman of AmCham China, says US member companies are concerned about a less welcoming regulatory environment in China.






From Esperanto to Mandarin: Understanding China through Language

Deborah Fallows, linguist and author of Dreaming in Chinese: Mandarin Lessons in Life, Love and Language, discusses the recent history and unique features of the Chinese language.






For Chinese Exports, a New Push to Improve Safety

After a string of Chinese product safety scandals, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has set up shop in China. CPSC attaché Jeffrey Hilsgen discusses what it’s doing to make Chinese exports safer.







US to Huawei: Sorry, No Deal

In this edition of China Brief Insight, AmCham China speaks with Nova Daly, a former US Treasury Department official who used to chair the US government committee that oversees security reviews of international acquisitions. He explains how it works and why foreign acquisitions – especially by Chinese companies – have become so politicized.





Sichuan Province with Bill Marshak of US Commerical Service

In this special edition of China Brief Insight, we take a look at Sichuan Province in anticipation to the upcoming AmCham China Sichuan provincial trip March 29-April 1. Bill Marshak, who is the Principal Commerical Officer at the US Consulate in Chengdu Sichuan, gives us some background information on Sichuan and discusses some of the opportunities the province holds for American business and investment.





China's Economy and Business Environment in 2011

Arthur Kroeber visits the AmCham China office to review China's economy and business environment as Chinese New Year festivities end and the business community begins to focus on the rest of 2011. 




Inflation and EU Troubles with Patrick Chovanec 

Tsinghua Professor Patrick Chovanec stops by the AmCham China office to discuss the China’s challenge of rising inflation as well as the possible spillover effects from the EU’s financial problems. You can read Patrick’s blog here. (Please note that this link is currently blocked in China).





Brewer’s 1B Prince Fielder

Following an AmCham China/Major League Baseball event in Beijing, Milwaukee Brewers’ All-Star first baseman spoke to China Brief insight about the future of baseball in China and his own career prospects. You can view a slideshow from his trip to China by clicking here





JCCT Discussion with Ira Kasoff

Former deputy assistant secretary for Asia for the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration and current APCO senior counselor and member of the company's International Advisory Council, Ira Kasoff, discusses the outlook for this year’s US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade. Members interested in contacting Dr. Kasoff can email him by clicking here.





China’s Economic Direction with Yukon Huang

Former World Bank China head and current senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment Asia Program Yukon Huang, discusses which risks to China’s economic future are real, and which are overblown. Read his article Reinterpreting China’s Success Through the New Economic Geography.





The North Korea Crisis with David Kang

Director of USC’s Korea Studies Institute, Dr. David Kang, talks to China Brief Insight about recent developments on the Korean Peninsula. Topics covered include North Korea’s shelling of a South Korean island and the revelation that the reclusive regime is further along in nuclear development than previously thought. Dr. Kang is the author of several books including Nuclear North Korea (co-authored with Victor Cha), and most recently East Asia Before the West, which was released this September.






What “Equal Treatment” Means for US Firms

Both foreign firms and the Chinese government have used the phrase “equal treatment” to promote their case on issues from taxation to indigenous innovation policies. Lester Ross, co-managing partner at WilmerHale and AmCham China governor, joins China Brief Insight to discusses why there is so much disagreement about what qualifies as “equal.”





AmCham China John D. Watkins, Jr. Addresses AmCham China


AmCham China Chairman John D. Watkins, Jr. talks about the importance of a peaceful China-US relationship in his speech at the Appreciation Dinner. Please note: this speech is in Chinese.





Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. Addresses AmCham China

US Ambassador to China Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. updates and discusses the status of the bilateral relationship between the US and China at AmCham China’s 11th annual Appreciation Dinner.





Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Addresses AmCham China

Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao discusses the future of China and the US at AmCham China’s 11th annual Appreciation Dinner. Please note: this speech is in Chinese.






Ambassador Huntsman on the G-20, IPR and Rare Earth

US Ambassador to China Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. joins China Brief Insight to discuss the recent Ambassador’s IPR Dialogue, America’s G-20 priorities and what’s really going on in the rare earth export dispute.

A separate podcast with the full audio of Ambassador Huntsman’s speech at the November 10 IPR Dialogue is available here.




Minister of Commerce Chen Deming Addresses IPR in China

On November 10, the US Embassy and AmCham China hosted the first annual Ambassador’s IPR Roundtable at the Peninsula Hotel. Commerce Minister Chen Deming gave remarks (in Chinese) about his thoughts on the state of IPR enforcement in China and what China should do going forward. Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. also gave his thoughts during a speech the event, which you can listen to







Ambassador Huntsman Talks to Members about IPR

On November 10, the US Embassy and AmCham China hosted the first annual Ambassador’s IPR Roundtable at the Peninsula Hotel. US Ambassador to China Jon M. Huntsman Jr. gave remarks about his thoughts on the state of IPR enforcement in China and what steps various parties could take to improve it going forward. Minister of Commerce Chen Deming also gave his thought. You can here Minister Chen’s remarks in Chinese





EU-China Relations with Dirk Moens

In the midst of a period of growing tensions, and on the 10th anniversary of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China, Secretary General Dirk Moens discusses the direction of EU-China relations with China Brief Insight. The EU Chamber’s recently released 2010 Position Paper can be found here.




The Midterm Election Fallout with Gady Epstein

Gady Epstein, Beijing bureau chief for Forbes, discusses the impact of the midterm Congressional elections for US-China relations. Among the topics we discuss is the infamous “Chinese Professor Ad,” which has been called both fear mongering and politically brilliant. You can watch the ad here. You can read Gady’s blog for Forbes here. You can also follow him on Twitter @gadyepstein.




China's Rare Earth Strategy with the PIIE's Dr. Theodore H. Moran

With China’s rare earths export policy in the news, Dr. Theodore H. Moran of Georgetown University and the Peterson Institute for International Economics speaks with China Brief Insight. Dr. Moran is the author of the recently released “China's Strategy to Secure Natural Resources,” which covers China’s rare earth strategy among other issues. You can purchase the book on the Peterson Institute website here.





Chrystia Freeland on China’s Political Reform

Reuters global editor-at-large Chrystia Freeland joins China Brief Insight to discuss political reform in China. She recently wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post entitled “
China's economic model isn't the answer for the US.” Chrystia also writes a blog for Reuters and is currently writing a book about the global super elite.



NRDC Head Discusses Environmental Issues


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has long led efforts to protect the environment in the US, including initiatives to end the use of leaded gasoline. NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner joins China Brief Insight to discuss the organization’s growing efforts in China.



Obama’s China Strategy with Thomas Wright


The Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Executive Director of Studies Thomas Wright examines President Obama’s approach to China over his first year and a half in office. Thomas joins China Brief Insight to discuss the problems that China’s aggressive response has created for the Obama administration and how it has adjusted to handle them.



US FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now has three offices in China and is working with Beijing to improve safety standards. Following a meeting with members, FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg, who was in China on a working visit, stopped by to speak to China Brief Insight.


China and the Rare Earth Market

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
of The Daily Telegraph talks to China Brief Insight about China’s recent reduction in the amount of rare earth that can be exported from the country and how it fits into broader trends.You can read his recent op-ed on the topic


The Anshan Steel Deal with Dr. Derek Scissors

Dr. Derek Scissors of the Heritage Foundation joins China Brief Insight to discuss the troubled bid by Anshan Steel.


Stephen Kho discusses China's latest GPO offer

Stephen Kho
of Akin Gump, an expert on government procurement, joins China Brief Insight to discuss China’s latest GPO offer.




Patrick Chovanec on China's recent labor unrest

Patrick Chovanec
, associate professor at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management, and regular China Brief Insight guest, addresses China's recent publicized labor disputes and their potential economic impact.


Shaun Rein discusses China's view on the Yuan

Shaun Rein
, managing director of China Market Research, discusses
China’s recent move on currency.



Rep. Larsen covers the recent Congressional hearings and the S&ED

Congressman Rick Larsen (D-WA), co-chair of the US-China Working Group, talks to China Brief Insight about the S&ED, North Korea, the G-20 meetings and recent
Congressional hearings on China where AmCham China President Christian Murck spoke.




 Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. returns to address current events

Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. comes back to China Brief Insight to discuss the S&ED, China’s upcoming GPA accession offer, Korean tensions and the visa situation.








Cooling the Housing Market with Bill Bishop 

Bill Bishop, co-founder of MarketWatch and long-time Beijing resident, talked to China Brief Insight about what policies the Chinese government is implementing to prevent a housing bubble and what the effects might be. You can hear more of Bill’s insights on his blog DigiCha or on Twitter @niubi.







John Watkins, Jr. discusses the 2010 Washington DC Outreach

AmCham China Chairman John Watkins, Jr. discusses the outcomes of the 2010 Washington DC Outreach. He discusses the success of the new strategy and messaging of this year's trip and the next steps for engaging with the government and business community.






Christian Murck discusses the 2010 Washington DC Outreach

AmCham China President Christian Murck discusses the Washington DC, Outreach. He highlights American business concerns found in the 2010 Business Climate Survey, White Paper and the Indigenous Innovation Survey.


Daniel Drezner discusses the fight over the renminbi valuation
Daniel Drezner, a professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and blogger of Foreign Policy, discusses the fight over the renminbi valuation.



Patrick Chovanec on China's Property Market Bubble

Patrick Chovanec, an associate professor at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management in Beijing, discusses whether China is facing a property market bubble. Mr. Chovanec is also the author of a blog, which you can access here (it is hosted by WordPress and consequently unavailable in China without a VPN).



Peter Hessler on Country Driving

Peter Hessler, acclaimed author and journalist, joins China Brief Insight to talk about his latest book Country Driving.



Jiangsu Provincial Trip


Listen to David Gossack of the US Foreign Commercial Service in Shanghai give some background information on Jiangsu Province.



US-China Strains with Damien Ma

Damien Ma, China analyst for the political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group, discusses current US-China political tensions and how they will affect upcoming talks including the Strategic and Economic Dialogue. 




 Internet Censorship with Jeremy Goldkorn

Jeremy Goldkorn, an expert on Chinese digital media and founder of, talks about China’s internet censorship. In China, visit Danwei at Everywhere else, go to




Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. on US-China Relations

China Brief Insight goes on site to the US Embassy in Beijing to speak with Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. on everything from the Google discussions and China’s Indigenous Innovation policy to weapons sales to Taiwan





US Business in Central China with Diane Sovereign

Cousul General for the US Consulate General Wuhan Diane Sovereign talks about her new positions, the challenges that face the US business community in Central China, and cooperation with the AmCham China, Central China Chapter.


The Google Fallout with Patrick Chovanec

Patrick Chovanec, an associate professor at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management in Beijing discusses what the Google case means for companies in China. Mr. Chovanec is also the author of a blog, which you can access here (it is hosted by WordPress and consequently unavailable in China without a VPN).

In the podcast, Mr. Chovanec refers to a Financial Times article by Gideon Rachman found here.



How to Sell to the Chinese in 2010

Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research, discusses the changing buying habits of Chinese consumers and the safety of products made in China. Read a Forbes article on the subject written by Rein.



Human Resources in China with Deng Tao

Deng Tao, former HR director of Google China and a judge at the 2009 China STAFF HR Awards, discusses human resources in China including current trends, challenges and strategies for businesses in China.


Green Technology with Evan Osnos

Evan Osnos, Pulitzer Prize winner and New Yorker journalist, discusses his most recent article on clean energy investment in China. Evan also talks about the results of the Copenhagen meetings and their likely effects on the climate change fight. You can read his blog Letter from China for more of Evan’s analysis on everything China.



Chinese Overseas Direct Investment  with John Hoffmann and Michael Enright

John Hoffmann, co-founder and principal of the Exceptional Resources Group (XRG) and Professor Michael J. Enright, who is Director of the Asia-Pacific Competitiveness Program at the Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy and a Director at Enright, Scott & Associates, Limited (ESA), discuss trends in the flood of Chinese overseas direct investment





NJ Nets CEO and President Brett Yormark on the Team's China plans 

NJ Nets CEO and President Brett Yormark discusses the direction of the NJ Nets 
franchise, including its China plans, sponsorships, community outreach, relocation to Brooklyn and brand recognition around the world. The NJ Nets are an AmCham China member and their team roster features Chinese superstar Yi Jianlian.



Secretary Locke speaks to AmCham China about trade and protectionism

During his visit to China as part of President Obama's delegation, US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, talks to AmCham China about trade and protectionism. 



Undersecretary Hormats speaks about Obama's visit, climate change and international trade policy

Undersecretary Robert Hormats speaks about President Obama’s upcoming visit to China and the issues up for discussion. These include climate change, international trade policy and the protection of intellectual property.




Clean Energy with Jonathan Woetzel of McKinsey and Company

 Jonathan Woetzel, director in McKinsey and Company's Greater China office and co-author of the report "China's Green Revolution," joins AmCham China to talk about the future of clean energy in China and the upcoming Copenhagen climate change negotiations.



NDRC Director, Zhang Ping, delivers keynote speech at 2009 Annual Appreciation Dinner

Zhang Ping, Minister of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), spoke to AmCham China members and guests about the importance of greater cooperation between nations at the 2009 Annual Appreciation Dinner.



US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr. speaks at the 2009 Annual Appreciation Dinner

Jon Huntsman, Jr.,  US Ambassador to China, thanked the Chinese government and provided an update on President Obama’s recent visit to China to AmCham China 
members and guests at the 2009 Annual Appreciation Dinner.



Secretary Locke briefs members during his visit to China with President Obama

 US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, traveling with President Obama on his first visit to China, gives a speech to AmCham China members and guests at a town hall meeting.


US Trade Representative Ron Kirk speaks to members at town hall style meeting

 USTR Kirk, also part of President Obama's China delegation, speaks to members and guests at a town hall meeting.


Analyzing Obama's Visit with Ethan Wilkes

Ethan Wilkes of public affairs firm Powell Tate discusses the challenges and opportunities facing President Obama on the eve of his first official China trip.



Zachary Karabell on whether China is overtaking the US

 Zachary Karabell, author of "Superfusion: How China and America Became One Economy and Why the World's Prosperity Depends on It" talks about the parallels between America’s rise after WWII and China’s current trajectory. Zachary also recently published an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Debt and the Chinese Challenge” and for five years ran a 200 million dollar US-China investment fund. His also writes the blog River Twice.



Rule of law’s rise in China with John Smagula

 John Smagula, director of Asian Programs at Temple University’s Law School, 
discusses the emphasis on rule of law and improving China’s legal framework during the country’s last 30 years of economic development.


The return of joint ventures with Dan Harris of China Law Blog

 Dan Harris of Harris and Moure law firm, and co-author of China Law Blog, discusses the re-emergence of US-China joint ventures on the business scene.


Regional investment in China's second and third-tier cities

Listen to Amy Wendholt from APCO discuss regional investments in China's second and third-tier cities.


PRC 60th Anniversary Rundown with Yuan Haiying

Yuan Haiying, founder of Yuan Associates, a government relations firm based in China, discusses why 60 is such an important anniversary to the Chinese government.


Sidney Rittenberg on 60 Years of the PRC

Listen to Sidney Rittenberg discussing his remarkable experiences and the past 60 years of the People’s Republic of China.



Tire Tariff Analysis with Spencer Griffith

Akin Gump trade lawyer Spencer Griffith talks about what President Obama’s  implementation of tire tariffs means for the bilateral relationship.

Rep. Larsen on Tariffs & the Overall US-China Relationship

Congressman Rick Larsen (D-WA), who co-chairs the US-China working group, joins China Brief Insight to discuss President Obama’s recent decision imposing tariffs on Chinese tire imports, the future of US-China energy cooperation and a host of other critical issues.



Tariffs on Chinese tire imports

Spencer Griffith of Akin Gump, a lawyer with distinguished career discusses the decision to be made by President Obama about the U.S. International Trade Commission's recommendation to impose tariffs on Chinese tire imports.



Setting up businesses in China

Sam Goodman, author and entrepreneur, talks about his experiences of setting up and running businesses in China.




Shanghai Expo 2010

Frank Lavin, former US ambassador to Singapore and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the USA Pavilion talks about the Shanghai Expo 2010.


Regional perception of China

Adrienne Mong, a Beijing-based producer for NBC News talks about the way China is perceived regionally. She has traveled through Asia, including a recent reporting trip to Mongolia for NBC News.





China's media push

Tian Wei, the host of CCTV-9's daily show Dialogue, talks about the challenges, rationale and opportunities in China's media push into foreign markets. To follow her work, visit her blog on CCTV or view her Global Times Column on Woodstock.  





Lobbying in China

Dr. Scott Kennedy, the director of the Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business at Indiana University, talks about his survey on how companies and industry associates lobby in China. He is also the author of The Business of 
Lobbying in China





China's Go Global policy

Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group talks about China's Go Global policy and opportunities for Chinese firms overseas. 




Chinese State Secrets Law

Joe McDonald, Associated Press business correspondent, talks about the Chinese State Secrets Law.


Strategic and Economic Dialogue and Obama's China policy

Dr. David Lampton, director of China Studies and Dean of Faculty at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University talks about the recent Strategic and Economic Dialogue and Obama's China policy.




EU Chamber of Commerce Business Confidence Survey 2009

 China Brief Insight talks to EU Chamber of Commerce President Joerg Wuttke about the recently published EU Chamber of Commerce Business Confidence Survey 2009.

 North Korea Relations

China Brief Insight talks to University of Southern California Professor David Kang
about North Korea.