AmCham China Working Groups

The core of AmCham China’s activities is our working groups. We have forums and committees focusing on industry sectors and special interests that span from Chinese government affairs to golf. Working groups allow members to:

  • Share information and ideas specific to their industry
  • Meet like-minded people for professional or personal progression
  • Generate contacts for business development
  • Influence the business environment

If you are interested in joining any of our working groups, simply subscribe here.

(Some working groups are open to members only, but many are open to non-members as well.)

Agriculture Forum

The purpose of the Agriculture Forum is to establish a platform for members interested in agriculture to meet regularly to discuss industry issues, challenges, and opportunities. The Forum also helps facilitate cooperative relationships with Chinese organizations on food security, food safety, and agriculture productivity through bilateral dialogues and educational activities. The Agriculture Forum regularly holds meetings among members to share and update information in the industry and pays close attention to issues such as labor, land and water. Recently a number of Chinese officials were invited to a series of policy debriefing events to discuss china food security strategies and policies with Forum members.

Automotive Forum

The re-launch of the Auto forum is a natural reaction to the dynamics of the auto industry. And the forum would serve as a platform to form synergies and share information among the interested members that covers the whole value chain of the auto industry, from auto manufacturers and auto parts suppliers to services providers. The Automotive Forum will meet on bi-monthly basis, and the focus of the forum will be information sharing on developments from different sectors and joint advocacy on specific industry topics.

Business Sustainability Committee

BSC supports our members to share, learn and brand their best practices for business sustainability in China. BSC aims to help members adapt their business strategy to respond to China’s sustainability challenges in partnership with government, other businesses, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Chinese Government Affairs Committee

Through the sharing of members’ knowledge and experience and their analysis of policies, the Chinese Government Affairs Committee (CGAC) strives to communicate with both Chinese central and local governments, serving and advocating on behalf of our members. The CGAC also provides information and policy advice to the AmCham China Board of Governors.

Clean Technology Forum

AmCham China’s Clean Technology Forum is a focal point for communication and networking between individuals, companies and organizations involved with both the US and Chinese clean technology sectors. The Forum organizes and facilitates informational events and business exchanges, independently and in cooperation with other like-minded groups. The Forum's scope of involvement includes technologies, policies, and commercial activities associated with clean energy, air and water. The Clean Tech Forum hosts round-table discussions among members and international experts that seek to understand the business aspects of the clean tech industry.

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee provides a platform for members to share best practices, on-the-ground implementation strategies, and review and analyze Chinese and American legal and regulatory developments. Priorities for the Committee include corruption compliance, data policy compliance and Anti-Monopoly Law compliance, among others.

Cosmetics and Nutrition Forum

The Cosmetics Forum is heavily focused on advocacy and offers AmCham China members an opportunity to meet on a regular basis to discuss industry developments and issues. Forum members are also able to contribute to the annual AmCham China White Paper, which summarizes the state of the industry and the challenges ahead. Recently, the Cosmetics Forum held a meeting with CFDA to discuss changing regulations of the sector, develop an understanding of the government work plan, and engage in dialogue on major industry issues. They also scheduled a series of meetings with local food and drug administration bureaus at various provinces to discuss industry regulations.

Customs & Trade Committee

The committee is consists of around 200 professionals from member companies. Our role is to better improve overall trade environment through closely work together with Chinese customs bodies from central and local level. Our major works include AmCham China White Paper draft, regular meeting with high level custom officials, submitting questions or comments on current policies, etc.

Education Committee

The mission of Education Committee is to foster dialogue between China and the US on education-related topics and inform AmCham China members about cutting-edge developments in the field. The Education Committee hosts large panel events as well as smaller round-table discussions to bring together universities, K-12 international schools, placement agencies, educators, current students, alumni and concerned parents. The Committee hopes to build a bridge between Chinese and US education initiatives and showcase different models for collaboration between education and business. Current advocacy priorities include the Foreign NGO law, curriculum restrictions, new work permit requirements for international school teachers, the Private Education Promotion Law, and other domestic education-related reforms as outlined in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Entrepreneur Committee

AmCham China Entrepreneur Committee (formerly Small Business and Entrepreneur Forum) was established to provide opportunities for members from small and medium-sized enterprises to meet and exchange ideas and information. The focus of the Committee is to lead the development of AmCham China activities particularly relevant to small and medium-sized businesses, and to encourage small businesses to get involved in AmCham China.

Financial Services Forum

The Financial Services Forum (FSF) offers AmCham China members the opportunity to meet on a regular basis to discuss financial industry developments and issues, to contribute to the annual AmCham China White Paper, and to summarize the state of the industry and challenges ahead.

Food and Beverage Forum

The Food & Beverage Forum provides a platform for members from the food and beverage industry to meet on regular basis to exchange information on regulations and standards in relation to food safety and to bring forth joint efforts reaching out to Chinese authorities responsible for food safety issues. The Forum meets on a monthly basis and recently commented on the Food Safety Law revisions and also a series of various regulations in relation to the Food Safety Law. Recent activities that the Forum hosted has included a series of meetings with Key Opinion Leaders from both the private and public sectors, and more recently invited Chinese officials to provide a briefing on the newly revised Consumer Protection Law.

Golf Programs Committee

The Golf Program Committee is designed to provide an opportunity for AmCham China member golfers to meet their peers either within the American business community or from other organizations to improve their golfing skills and seek long term business relationships through friendship building.

Human Resources Forum

The mission of the HR Forum is to: provide networking and information sharing opportunities for HR professionals; provide opportunities to learn about the latest developments and best practices in Human Resource so that HR professionals can add value to their employers; formulate opinions and recommendations on HR issues in China; and facilitate communication with the Chinese government agencies on these issues. While most participants work in the HR industry, the forum encourages participation from all interested members. The Forum holds an annual Human Resources Conference, which is organized by targeted towards HR Professionals. In 2015, the 16th Annual HR Conference focused on Human Capital Management in an Age of Uncertainty. In addition to holding monthly events, the HR Forum hosts series of roundtable with HRDs exclusively from member companies. The forum also comments on draft legislation relevant to members’ interests and industries. The HR Forum most recently commented on revisions to China’s Labor Contract Law (LCL), regarding special working hours and labor dispatch, and met with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to express concerns on the immediate implementation on the LCL.

Information and Communications Technology Forum

The goal of the Forum is to share and influence ICT related technical policies with industries, empowering members to maximize the benefits of technology that facilitates business in China and mitigate potential risks. The Forum is largely driven by policy updates from the Chinese and US governments and engages members through regular events, internal meetings, roundtable discussions, and company visits. Current advocacy priorities include Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing and Internet +.

Insurance Forum

The Insurance Forum promotes broader cooperation with China’s insurance sector, better understanding of industry-related developments including new laws and regulations, and member interests with the Chinese and American governments, while also encouraging a productive and ongoing dialogue on policy issues that can enhance the development of a modern insurance industry in China.

Intellectual Property Rights Forum

The IPR Forum advocates for a fair and strong pro-IP environment within China and provides members with information on intellectual property related issues and regulations. Current priorities include trade secrets, patents, copyrights, rewards and remunerations for service inventions, trademarks and online counterfeiting. The Forum seeks to provide relevant information on these and other topics to industry representatives through industry and sector specific events.


The Legal committee analyzes, disseminates, and advocates legal issues for the broader AmCham community. It holds legal related events and provides legal support for other committees.

Manufacturing & Sourcing Forum

To increase knowledge of world-class best practices in manufacturing and sourcing industries in China, the Manufacturing & Sourcing Forum supports AmCham China in its China-US government relations efforts that impact manufacturing and sourcing. It advocates for member companies on a variety of manufacturing/sourcing related policies and regulations in China.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Forum

The forum is member driven and supports the exchange of information about marketing, advertising, and public relations particularly regarding trends in China. It helps AmCham China foster an open environment for healthy communications about China’s marketing and public relations worlds, including the marketing and PR industries, and the issues and opportunities for companies conducting marketing and PR activities in China. The Forum organizes events and other opportunities to learn from and exchange ideas with authoritative sources from international and China-based agencies and client companies, local and international media, academia and government. It provides networking opportunities for members and coordinates with other AmCham China forums and committees to help increase the value of Chamber events and activities. When organizing events, the Forum places a priority on providing attendees with market-specific examples and tangible advice they can apply in their daily work.

Media/Entertainment Forum

The purpose of the Media and Entertainment Forum is to provide a platform for members interested in entertainment and all forms of media to meet regularly and discuss industry issues, challenges, and opportunities. The forum holds monthly meetings, panel discussions, and a range of programs with industry experts focused on engaging businesses from the entertainment, drama, cinema, traditional media, and new media industries in ways to best advance their businesses in China. Recent meetings have focused on consumer market media reports, leveraging CCTV as a platform in China, and the secrets behind making a blockbuster. The Forum also holds regular meeting with US Embassy to communicate the issues in the industry.

Oil, Energy & Power Forum

AmCham China's Oil, Energy & Power (OEP) Forum is dedicated to helping member companies involved in shale and liquefied natural gas, oil exploration and production, refining, energy production, mining for energy, chemicals, energy production, and power industries. The Forum serves AmCham China member companies by providing a venue for interaction, discussion, research, and presentation of relevant issues. The Forum has been providing members business intelligence on a wide range of energy topics since the early 2000s and looks to continue to focus on areas that are relevant to members.

Outbound Investment Forum

The purpose of Outbound Investment Forum is to establish a platform for AmCham members to do business through providing expertise and best practices on investing in the US, and helping their Chinese counterparts understand the US market better and develop business in the US.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee brings together policy experts from a wide variety of sectors in AmCham China’s membership for meetings, expert presentations, roundtables and panel discussions on the current policy environment for American businesses in China. The activities of the committee aid in identifying cross-cutting issues of importance to all AmCham China members and help determine how best to advocate on behalf of members’ interests. The committee helps establish AmCham China’s annual Advocacy Priorities and plays an instrumental role in the development of the annual American Business in China White Paper.

Real Estate and Development Industry Forum

The primary purpose of the Real Estate and Development Forum is to promote transparency and create awareness in the fields of real estate, construction, engineering, land use rights and administration. Land use rights and development are fundamental elements of China’s growth story, and market transparency will help to ensure this growth. The forum uses its current policy dialogue to make recommendations and suggest improvements to the government.              The Real Estate Forum meets on a monthly basis and its recent activities have focused on industry regulations and policies, as well as new market trends and opportunities in second tier cities, based on the latest research on fifty cities’ real estate markets.

Sports Committee

AmCham China Sports Committee is designed to provide an opportunity for AmCham China member staff to meet their peers either within the American business community or from other organizations to be engaged in fun sports activities and seek long term business relationships through friendship building. The sports tournament once a quarter is a good choice for team building also a great chance to get your name out in the AmCham community. Also we are organizing series of Sports management and business lecture. For business, for fun, you could get your choice in here.

Standards Forum

The purpose of the forum is to offer AmCham China members with an interest in standards the opportunity to meet on a regular basis to discuss relevant issues. The standards forum’s recent event was focus on its white paper chapter to discuss the slow evolution of standards in China, its influence on industry and how firms could take reactions to such a development.

Supply Chain Forum

Supply Chain Forum provides a platform for creating thought leadership and sharing best practices in supply chain management. Benchmarks range from sourcing and supplier management, policy compliance, logistics, technology innovation, e-commerce to other emerging issues and trends. Forum members are expected to come from four major industries - manufacturing, distribution, retail and strategy/technology.

Tax Forum

The purpose of the Tax Forum is to increase transparency in dealing with tax issues with the Chinese government and to improve the US taxpayer's position on tax issues in China by pooling resources and information from chamber members and experts who follow developments in Chinese tax law and practice. The forum encourages the participation of members' officers, consultants, accountants, lawyers or others focused on or responsible for tax matters. Recently, the Tax Forum hosted a presentation by Deloitte and KPMG tax professionals to explain how to secure the Research and Development tax incentives in China. Further presentations are planned as reforms roll out.

Visa Committee

The Visa Committee provides a platform for members to engage with both the US and Chinese governments on visa policies. Current priorities for the Visa Committee include liaising with the Chinese government to understand categorization of foreign employees coming to China for work, advocacy on document notarization and certification issues, further reducing waiting periods for visa processing and relaxing work age limits in China. The Committee hosts events and government meetings, provides comments on draft legislation and contributes a chapter to the American business in China White Paper to discuss these and other issues. 

Women's Professional Committee

The Women’s Professional Committee’s objective is to foster and support the professional development of women in business using AmCham China’s four pillars: information, advocacy, networking, and services. The committee does this by implementing a program of events and activities throughout the year aimed at enhancing selected skill areas integral to success in the business world. It also provides a forum for members to share and learn from each other. The committee is dedicated to developing and promoting strong women leaders and mentoring members to achieve their peak performance while doing business in China.   The WPC partners with the Australian Chamber, 85 Broads, and Capital M to provide monthly mentor walks to members in Ritan Park. WPC recently hosted a film screening of the acclaimed documentary “Girl Rising,” which offers glimpses into the life experiences of seven girls living around the world, followed by a guided discussion, and partnered with Dell for the Diversity in the Workplace event.

Work Safety Committee

Established on January 11, 2011, the Work Safety Committee (WSC) is committed to building partnerships between member companies engaged in the construction and mining sectors and Chinese government agencies responsible for work safety standards and regulations. Focusing its efforts on promoting the use of Aerial Working Platforms (AWP) since its founding, the Committee has collaborated with China’s State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development (MOHURD), and China Occupational Safety & Health Association (COSHA) on a number of events and dialogues. To celebrate its third-year anniversary, the Work Safety Committee hosted a seminar on Chinese aerial work safety and invited relevant Chinese and US government officials. The Work Safety Committee won the AmCham China 2014 Committee of The Year Award.

Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee provides a platform for young professionals to build their personal and professional networks, develop career skills, and work with other dynamic leaders to achieve success! The Committee hosts informal monthly round-table lunches with prominent business leaders, inter-chamber networking mixers, and panel discussions on career development, leadership, etiquette and other relevant topics. The Committee also supports a mentorship program whereby experienced AmCham China members and young professionals can share experiences and grow professionally. 

If you are interested in joining any of our working groups, simply subscribe here.

(Some working groups are open to members only, but many are open to non-members as well.)