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10 November, 2017

中国美国商会(AmCham China)的调查发现,大约五分之四的美国在华公司代表示,他们感觉不如以前那么受欢迎。这些代表指出,监管法规的不一致性,以及不明晰的法律是他们在中国面临的最大挑战。中国美国商会主席蔡瑞德(William Zarit)声称,由于中国仍然有许多部门没有对外国投资者开放,为达成双边投资协议而进行的努力一直进展缓慢。

10 November, 2017
The Washington Post

Ownership restrictions have hindered China’s economic activity for a long time, said William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China. “I look forward to seeing the details, as opening up the financial sector in particular could greatly improve the allocation of financial resources and support China’s future development,” Zarit...

09 November, 2017

There is great potential for the outcome of Trump's visit to China. Though it seems as if the focus will be on the US-China trade relationship, there are many other important sectors to discuss that would prove beneficial. Overall, many hope to see discussion on topics that are valuable to both the US and China, such as the investment environment.

09 November, 2017

特朗普北京之行的筹备工作主要聚焦在找到他能够宣布的交易上,比如波音喷气式飞机及其他美国商品的高调订单。相比之下,双方都没怎么进行较低级别官员来来回回地穿梭外交,而这样的外交可以为新的贸易协定铺平道路。 “就我的理解而言,此次访问真的没有太多这类东西,”中国美国商会主席蔡瑞德(William Zarit)说道。数十年来,该组织一直与美国贸易谈判人员密切合作。“这让我们有点担心不会有太多关于结构性问题的讨论。”

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