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17 May, 2017
The Wall Street Journal

“Our concerns encompass enormously consequential issues for China’s economy, its relations with economic and commercial partners, and the global economy,” said the letter, dated Monday and signed by 54 trade groups including the U.S.-China Business Council, American Chamber of Commerce in China, BusinessEurope, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry...

15 May, 2017
Voice of American Chinese

代表美国、欧洲和亚洲一些商业团体的联盟星期一呼吁中国推迟执行定于6月1日开始实施的网络安全法。这个联盟5月11日在给中国政府的一封信中说,这项法律的规定违背了中国的自由贸易原则,并且对信息产业构成伤害。 信中说:“我们深深地担心目前以及将要实施的与安全有关的规定会构成贸易壁垒。中国目前的走向可能在破坏中国与商业伙伴的关系基础的同时也威胁到自己的合理安全目标。” 这个国际联盟的成员包括美中贸易全国委员会、中国美国商会、欧洲商会、日本商工会议所和韩中贸易委员会在内的54个商业团体。

15 May, 2017


14 May, 2017
New York Times

“Tell us what we are going to get out of this,” said James Zimmerman, a lawyer in Beijing who is a former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, referring to the West. “It’s a nonstarter if it’s all about bringing Chinese goods to Europe, or if it’s all one way.”

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