02 December, 2018

William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said the most challenging area to resolve would be China’s discriminatory economic policies based on state support and protection of the domestic market.

"[These] need to be addressed in order to level the playing field and have a sustainable commercial relationship based on fairness...

02 December, 2018
Wall Street Journal

The American Chamber of Commerce in China called the pause “as good as we could have expected.” In a note from its chairman, William Zarit, the group said the commercial relationship between the nations won’t be sustainable without an end to discriminatory practices in China that hurt foreign companies.

29 November, 2018

Based on an American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) survey conducted at the time of the 19th Party Congress and President Trump’s visit last year, companies are overwhelmingly bullish on China. The long-term view remains: The world's No. 2 economy is going to continue to develop; its middle class is going to expand. It will be the largest consumer market...

26 November, 2018
Al Jazeera

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, William Zarit, said Washington has simply lost patience with Beijing.

"Many years of discussions with the Chinese government” have “yielded only marginal progress”, he told Al Jazeera by email.

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