02 November, 2019
South China Morning Post

“Each government has some legitimate national security concerns,” Tim Stratford, the chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said in an interview in Beijing.“We in the business community hope these issues can be resolved in a way that protects both countries’ national security but gives us as much space for doing business as possible...

21 October, 2019

The American Chamber of Commerce in China also voiced concerns after the US said it was going ahead with new tariffs. "Our members have long been clear that tariffs are paid by consumers and harm business," it said in a statement. "We urge... that both sides work towards a sustainable agreement as soon as possible that resolves the fundamental, structural...

20 October, 2019

International business groups such as the American Chamber of Commerce and European Union Chamber of Commerce in China have called on China to reduce preferential treatment in the country for state-owned companies, among other measures, to further improve its competitiveness.

11 October, 2019

China has a penchant for announcing its opening-up policies during key moments–just ask members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing who have been promised this stuff for years.

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