31 January, 2019

But U.S. business groups said the draft law will not address the real regulatory issues of concern where forced technology transfer is occurring in the Chinese system. Another longstanding concern with Chinese laws is the breadth and scope of the national security review, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, AmCham China and AmCham Shanghai said in comments...

31 January, 2019

Contains Interview with President Alan Beebe

30 January, 2019

As part of a list of recommendations for the US negotiating team, the American Chamber of Commerce in China said: "An interlocking set of policies … results in foreign companies being coerced or induced to transfer technology as a precondition for market access, or denied market access if they fail to do so."

30 January, 2019
Wall Street Journal

Foreign business groups such as the American Chamber of Commerce in China and the U.S.-China Business Council say they are now at a disadvantage under the legislature's new timetable.
Those two business groups are still gathering input from their member companies and plan to submit feedback to authorities just before the official comment period ends...

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