19 November, 2018

A spokesperson for the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing also told CNBC that U.S. companies are staying in China, but they are looking to diversify where their components come from or products are assembled.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents to a survey by the chamber said they are not relocating or considering such a move. Only 13 out of more...

17 November, 2018
South China Morning Post

William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said on Saturday that Beijing and Washington still had a long way to go to settle their differences.

"Reform in the West means to privatise, to become more competitive based on the market rules,” he said.

16 November, 2018

In a recent survey by two American chambers of commerce in China, one third of the companies who responded said they were looking to switch to production outside of China as a result of the trade war. Only 6% said they were considering moving business back to the United States.

13 November, 2018

Presented by the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China), the business-oriented lobbying organisation write that Marbury has embodied the award's principles through exemplary leadership on the basketball court, as well as through entrepreneurial and philanthropic ventures off it.

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