18 September, 2018
The Straits Times

AmCham China, an association of US firms in China, warned in a statement yesterday that this new round of tariffs would "cause suffering for US companies in China". Already, it said, more than half of its members have experienced a rise in non-tariff barriers in recent months, including increased inspections and slower Customs clearance.
Senior Chinese...

18 September, 2018
Deseret News

The two countries have already imposed import taxes on $50 billion worth of each other's goods. President Donald Trump threatened to add an additional $267 billion in Chinese imports to the target list if China retaliated for the latest U.S. taxes. That would raise the total affected by U.S. penalties to $517 billion, covering nearly everything China...

18 September, 2018

“No one wins from a trade war,” is a standard refrain among economists. Southeast Asian businesses are trying to prove that maxim wrong.
The region is capitalizing on a rush of new orders and production moves as firms reconsider their business in the U.S. and China amid a deepening trade war. About one-third of more than 430 American companies in China...

18 September, 2018
BBC News

And while others may not go quite so far, there is some truth to the notion that China hasn't been completely transparent in opening up its economy the way it committed to under the World Trade Organization, says William Zarit, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.
"A market can be open officially and yet there are still barriers,"...

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