14 September, 2018

The survey of more than 430 AmCham China and AmCham Shanghai member companies, including 36 in automotive and transportation, was conducted between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5.
Members of AmCham China include local branches of General Motors, Ford, BMW, Goodyear and Harley-Davidson, according to the chamber's website. AmCham Shanghai does not publicly disclose...

14 September, 2018

But that might not last long if Trump goes ahead with the new round of tariffs. According to a survey of American business people in China conducted two weeks ago by the American Chamber of Commerce there, if the new tariffs go ahead, the number of companies that will be affected will increase sharply.

14 September, 2018
Taipei Times

Chamber president Alan Beebe said the poll would provide officials in Washington and Beijing with facts on how the tariffs are playing out.
Beebe said that could be the consequences of price increases or the psychology of how people make purchasing decisions.
“Chinese customers just see too much uncertainty around buying American and as a result they...

13 September, 2018
Financial Times

More than 60 per cent of US companies operating in China have been hurt by US and Chinese tariffs imposed on $50bn worth of exports from both countries, according to a survey by the US chambers of commerce in Beijing and Shanghai. 
The survey by AmCham China and AmCham Shanghai, based on responses from more than 430 companies, showed that an even...

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