23 November, 2017
China Money Network

A business climate survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in China last year shows that a quarter of its roughly 500 member companies have either moved or are planning to move capacity outside of China in the preceding three years.

20 November, 2017

Foreign audience members said after the briefings that they knew more about the direction of China's development and had become more confident in continuing their stay in the country.

"I know that China is continuing to comprehensively deepen reform and ensuring that every dimension of governance is law-based. All those things are reassuring the...

17 November, 2017
South China Morning Post

“The concept of liuzhi is of concern because it seems to extend the features of shuanggui [a Communist Party disciplinary measure] to non-party persons, denying such persons the limited protections of the Criminal Procedure Law during the course of an investigation for criminal liability,” said Lester Ross, a lawyer in the Beijing office of American...

10 November, 2017
The Washington Post

Ownership restrictions have hindered China’s economic activity for a long time, said William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China.
“I look forward to seeing the details, as opening up the financial sector in particular could greatly improve the allocation of financial resources and support China’s future development,” Zarit...

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