17 July, 2018

Alan Beebe, president of the American Chamber of Commerce China is the guest on the show.

06 July, 2018
South China Morning Post

William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, urged Washington and Beijing to return to the negotiating table, rather than trading tariffs.
“There are no winners in a trade war. Counterproductive import tariffs, such as these, hurt not only the economies of the US and China, but those of every country around the world,” he...

06 July, 2018

William Zarit, the chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, writes that this is the biggest trade dispute between China and the United States in 40 years.
The two sides must work something out, Zarit says, because a "strong bilateral trade and investment relationship is too important to both countries for it to be mired in verbal and...

06 July, 2018
Financial Times

“While our 900 member companies continue to suffer from not having a level playing field in China, they are still extremely clear: Increased trade tensions in the US-China economic relationship will negatively impact their operations in China,” said American Chamber of Commerce in China chair William Zarit no Friday.

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