18 September, 2018
Caixin Global

More than 30% of member companies are seeking to source components or assembly outside of China as they adjust their supply chains to avoid the impact of the tariffs, according to a joint survey released last week by Beijing-based AmCham China and AmCham Shanghai, two groups representing American businesses in the country.
A similar poll released by...

18 September, 2018
The Straits Times

AmCham China, an association of US firms in China, warned in a statement yesterday that this new round of tariffs would "cause suffering for US companies in China". Already, it said, more than half of its members have experienced a rise in non-tariff barriers in recent months, including increased inspections and slower Customs clearance.
Senior Chinese...

18 September, 2018
Deseret News

The two countries have already imposed import taxes on $50 billion worth of each other's goods. President Donald Trump threatened to add an additional $267 billion in Chinese imports to the target list if China retaliated for the latest U.S. taxes. That would raise the total affected by U.S. penalties to $517 billion, covering nearly everything China...

18 September, 2018

“No one wins from a trade war,” is a standard refrain among economists. Southeast Asian businesses are trying to prove that maxim wrong.
The region is capitalizing on a rush of new orders and production moves as firms reconsider their business in the U.S. and China amid a deepening trade war. About one-third of more than 430 American companies in China...

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