04 June, 2018

William Zarit: … I think market access is the real essence of our problem. We talk about deficits. We talk about IPR. The market access having - U.S. companies having similar access or reciprocal access to Chinese markets so that both U.S. and Chinese have pretty much fair access to each other's trade markets and investment markets. The U.S. is quite...

01 June, 2018

William Zarit: Market access is both trade and investment . And to have reciprocal market access in general, US market is open, Chinese market less open. And one area that we really need to focus on – the number one challenge of US businesses in China is an opaque and non-transparent regulatory environment and inconsistent enforcement of rules and regulations....

31 May, 2018
The Wall Street Journal

Lester Ross, a lawyer who heads the policy committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said Tuesday's announcement from Washington, while surprising, is another in a series of moves and countermoves.

"It is fundamentally a negotiating step," Mr. Ross—unrelated to Wilbur Ross—said at a news conference where the Chamber released an annual...

31 May, 2018
Financial Times

“We actually haven’t had any tariffs [imposed yet],” William Zarit, head of the American Chamber of Commerce in China said at a briefing on Wednesday. “It’s still about the threat of tariffs.”

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