31 May, 2018
Financial Times

Lester Ross, head of the policy committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in China and a partner at Wilmer Hale, described Mr Trump’s tariff threat as “fundamentally a negotiating step in advance of the next round of trade talks”.

30 May, 2018
The Washington Post

Some observers spied strategy at play in the Trump team’s latest tack toward hawkishness. As this thinking goes, the administration is turning up the heat to maximize leverage ahead of a trip that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is leading to Beijing at the end of the week. Lester Ross, a top policy hand for the American Chamber of Commerce in China,...

30 May, 2018
Global Times

"This year the world's two largest economies face some of their most significant bilateral challenges in the past 40 years: How to reconcile China's government funding and protection of State-owned and State-influenced enterprises versus the American model based on market forces," William Zarit, chairman of AmCham China, said at a meeting held in Beijing...

30 May, 2018
Caixin Global

The American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China) said that while it appreciates China’s opening to foreign investors in certain sectors, it urges more communication between U.S. and Chinese authorities in high-tech and agriculture.

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