26 March, 2018
Bloomberg: Live TV

Capital Alpha Partners Senior Political Analysis James Lucier and American Chamber of Commerce in China Chairman William Zarit weigh in on President Trump’s trade tariffs and the possibility of a trade war with China.

25 March, 2018

Trade tension between China and the US is one of the hottest topics at this year’s China Development Forum (CDF). The chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China), William Zarit, said that tariffs are not their preferred approach to resolving issues.

24 March, 2018
Global Times

There is "hair on fire" concern that the proposed tariffs and restrictions on Chinese investment in the US will lead to retaliation, and measurably hurt the economies of the US, China, and the rest of the world, William Zarit, chairman of American Chamber of Commerce in China, said in a note sent to the Global Times on Friday.

23 March, 2018
The Washington Post

The American Chamber of Commerce in China said its members wanted the U.S. administration to advocate more strongly for a level playing field and reciprocal treatment to improve market access — despite concerns that the current actions could disrupt the global economy.

“That the U.S. is willing to risk these disruptions indicates how serious the...

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