20 March, 2018
The Washington Post

The American Chamber of Commerce in China reacted somewhat warily, saying it was pleased to hear Li’s pledges to grant greater market access and better protect intellectual property. But it added that it would have to “wait and see” what revisions are put in place by China and how effective they will be.

20 March, 2018
South China Morning Post

The American Chamber of Commerce in China welcomed Li’s pledge to provide more market access and improve intellectual property protection, but it also called on the government to move quickly on reforms.

“Trade wars have a history of not ending well. After years of bilateral negotiations with only incremental progress, the US seems to feel it is...

09 March, 2018
Los Angeles Times

The American Chamber of Commerce in China has warned that officials could respond against punitive American actions by targeting swathes of the U.S. that resonate with Trump, particularly agricultural areas in the Midwest. Experts point to soybeans, one of America's top exports to China, as a possible target for retaliation. Leaders also could embrace...

06 March, 2018

In January a survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in China showed that 76 percent of its members believe China's investment environment is improving or remaining stable.

"We will strengthen alignment with international business rules, and foster a world-class business environment," Premier Li Keqiang said in a government work report delivered...

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