08 November, 2017

Domestic companies often receive strong support from the Chinese government, while US companies in China are subject to tighter restrictions. This has recently impacted the investments of US companies in China, as many feel less welcome in the country compared to the past. This is an anticipated topic of discussion for US President Trump's visit.

07 November, 2017

American businesses want Trump to stress the need for greater transparency and level playing fields during his brief visit to Beijing this week. William Zarit, chairman of AmCham China, said its members expect many of the usual big agreements and deals to come out of Trump’s upcoming visit.

07 November, 2017
The Washington Post

William Zarit, Chairman of AmCham China, expressed concern that Trump appears to have done too little to prepare for his upcoming visit to China. Companies worry his focus on trade in goods will distract from structural issues, such as limits on access to finance, health care, and other industries.

07 November, 2017
The New York Times

With Trump's recent arrival in China, he promises to take action and make headway with the United States' largest trading partner. Accompanied by the chiefs of some of the most influential companies, he plans to focus topics on the business environment and future trade plans.

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