23 March, 2018
Voice of America

William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, dismissed the "hair on fire" concern that Trump's proposed moves would hurt the global economy.

"That the U.S. is willing to risk these disruptions indicates how serious the U.S. administration finds China's forced technology transfer, cybertheft and discriminatory industrial policies,"...

23 March, 2018
NPR: Live Broadcast

William Zarit: Our members in the American Chamber of Commerce are very concerned about what's going on. Yes, indeed, according to a survey that we annually put out, two of the major things that the U.S. government - they want the U.S. government to do was to advocate more strongly for a level playing field and to advocate for reciprocal treatment to...

23 March, 2018
South China Morning Post

William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said Beijing would not be shy of hitting back if Washington launched measures to restrict China’s exports to and investment in the United States.

“We have urged that if China does want to retaliate they do so with precision so as not to actually adversely affect their own economy,”...

21 March, 2018
Foreign Policy

The American Chamber of Commerce in China “is pleased to hear that China says it will provide more market access to foreign business and do a better job of protecting intellectual property,” says William Zarit, the group’s chairman. “The proposed trade remedies may not be perfect, but based on past talks, the U.S. probably feels that without pressure,...

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