07 November, 2017

Trade is a disputed topic between China and the US. Ahead of US President Donald Trump's visit to China, officials see strong potential for US-China trade, and AmCham China looks forward to more specific outcomes from the visit.

02 November, 2017
China Business News

“这是我记忆中首次出现总统带着贸易代表团访华的情况,此前都是商务部部长或农业部部长带团。”中国美国商会主席蔡瑞德(William Zarit)在接受第一财经记者采访时透露,正是商会向美国驻华大使和美国政府建议组建这样一个贸易代表团。

02 August, 2017

"Recent regulatory developments, including limiting VPN use, have created uncertainty for cross-border data communication," William Zarit, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said in an emailed statement. "Innovation, critical to China's economic development as well as the success of U.S. companies in China, is stimulated through...

02 August, 2017

"The American Chamber of Commerce in China said in a report in April that its members were facing difficulties in areas such as trade secrets, patents and trademarks."

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