18 April, 2017

The American Business in China White Paper was released just 10 days after the presidents of both countries met in Florida. While the Xi-Trump summit has been hailed as a success despite the lack of specific agreements, and the business community now wants to see concrete steps to improve market access and ease regulatory restrictions.

18 April, 2017



18 April, 2017

美国商业组织中国美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce in China)在年度报告中表示,中国公司能够在海外自由开展业务,而中国持续对外商投资进行限制,这引发美国公司进一步的不满。


12 April, 2017
Global Times

Statistics show that when women lead companies, or are promoted to high positions, business profitably soars, AmCham China said, noting that only 8 percent of board members in China are women, even though women hold about 50 percent of entry-level positions.

"Women's talents are still substantially underutilized in the corporate world," said AmCham...

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