22 March, 2017

核心提示: 3月21日,中国美国商会发布《充分释放中美农业合作的巨大潜力》报告,建议中国与美国加强合作以开放更多农业投资领域,从而提高中国农业的可持续发展性和竞争力。

21 March, 2017
The Associated Press

An American business group appealed to China on Tuesday to ease import restrictions on agricultural goods including genetically modified seeds and other biotechnology, highlighting complaints Beijing blocks market access despite its vocal support for free trade.

21 March, 2017

* China approved one new biotech product for import last year
* US industry says approvals fewer, slower than before
* Industry group says govt improved public understanding of GMOs

15 March, 2017


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