18 April, 2017
Wall Street Journal

China's persisting restrictions on foreign investment while its companies freely do business abroad are fueling further frustration among U.S. firms, according to a report by an American business group.

18 April, 2017
Bloomberg News

U.S. companies in China face one of the most challenging environments in decades in 2017, the American Chamber of Commerce in China said.

Political and economic transitions in the U.S. and China, increasing perception of animosity toward foreign businesses, and slowing growth are dimming the outlook, AmCham said in a report Tuesday. Despite recent...

18 April, 2017
Associated Press

An American business group says China’s push to develop its own technology and other industries has “narrowed the space” for foreign companies to compete in its market.

In a report released Tuesday, the American Chamber of Commerce in China urged Beijing to move faster on market-opening pledges.

18 April, 2017

The American Business in China White Paper was released just 10 days after the presidents of both countries met in Florida. While the Xi-Trump summit has been hailed as a success despite the lack of specific agreements, and the business community now wants to see concrete steps to improve market access and ease regulatory restrictions.

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