22 May, 2017

This asymmetry, along with factors such as slow economic growth in the U.S., have pushed the China trade agenda front and center in Washington. The American Chamber of Commerce in China released a White Paper -- rather hard-edged as these things go -- to spell out U.S. concerns: “With uncertainty stemming from political and economic transitions in both...

19 May, 2017
Deutsche Welle

Under the law, a committee will be created to evaluate and approve technical products made by foreign companies before their use in China. The companies will have to hand over a lot of valuable information, such as exact technical details and encrypted data. Originally, source codes were also supposed to be required but this was removed from the law...

17 May, 2017
The Wall Street Journal

“Our concerns encompass enormously consequential issues for China’s economy, its relations with economic and commercial partners, and the global economy,” said the letter, dated Monday and signed by 54 trade groups including the U.S.-China Business Council, American Chamber of Commerce in China, BusinessEurope, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry...

15 May, 2017
Voice of American Chinese




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