28 September, 2015

A 2015 AmCham China White Paper says that more than 30 percent of the organization's member companies have no investment expansion planned this year. That is the highest rate since the recession of 2009. And more companies than ever have moved or are planning to move capacity outside of China.

24 September, 2015

中国美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce in China)主席吉莫曼先生(James Zimmerman)在接受21世纪经济报道专访时表示,“美国投资者和企业对中国进一步开放服务业充满期盼。美国的经验表明,服务行业的发展有助于带动创新型经济的发展,同时创新型经济又提供了大量的高知识背景的就业机会。”

23 September, 2015
China Daily

China Daily posted an Op-Ed written by James Zimmerman, Chairman of AmCham China.

23 September, 2015
South China Morning Post

James Zimmerman, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said the business community was concerned that China was closing doors for foreign investment and slowing down economic reform.

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