21 March, 2017
The Associated Press

An American business group appealed to China on Tuesday to ease import restrictions on agricultural goods including genetically modified seeds and other biotechnology, highlighting complaints Beijing blocks market access despite its vocal support for free trade.

21 March, 2017

* China approved one new biotech product for import last year
* US industry says approvals fewer, slower than before
* Industry group says govt improved public understanding of GMOs

15 March, 2017


08 March, 2017
Wall Street Journal Chinese

不过说起来,引发了这场战争的其实是中国。中国大量侵犯知识产权,制定规则迫使外国投资者交出技术,建立数字“防火长城”(Great Firewall)屏蔽掉大部分全球顶级网站,这些做法为白宫的贸易斗士提供了充足的弹药。中国美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce)在中国进行的最新调查显示,超过80%的会员感觉在华受欢迎程度下降。

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