09 November, 2016

James Zimmerman, the head of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and a prominent Clinton backer, said “talking tough is a lot easier than thinking tough and making tough decisions, which is what presidents actually have to do.”

“Isolating or penalizing China will not serve America’s interests,” he said in a statement.

09 November, 2016

“Any treaty needs senate approval. tough for US. limited time. trump admin, more trouble to make it happen, need to be so advantageous. which isn’t going to happen. well thought through negotiations, on both sides, the need for bit hasn’t gone away. Need to be rejigged,” said Randal Phillips, a partner Mintz Group.

07 November, 2016
Associated Press

"We believe this is a step backwards for innovation in China that won't do much to improve security," said James Zimmerman, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, in a statement. He said it will "create barriers to trade and innovation."
The law's requirements for national security reviews and data sharing will "unnecessarily weaken...

07 November, 2016
Financial Times

The broad restrictions “provide no security benefits but will create barriers to Chinese as well as foreign companies operating in industries where data needs to be shared internationally,” Jim Zimmerman, the chamber’s chairman, said in a statement.

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