23 April, 2015
The Wall Street Journal

After three decades of breakneck growth, China has reached a critical point in its development, economically and geopolitically. As the dominant power in the global economic system, the U.S. now has important decisions to make about how it wants to engage with China and how it would like China to engage with the world. Washington needs to get this right,...

21 April, 2015
The Courier Mail

Major foreign companies and several Chinese Internet companies with U.S. stock-exchange listings are using a corporate structure in China in a way that may be rendered illegal under a proposed law.

In a joint statement on the new law, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce in China and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai...

01 April, 2015
The Wall Street Journal

Chinese companies, like those from other countries, enjoy near-unfettered access to the U.S. market, investing almost $12 billion there last year. This is good for the U.S. and investors. Sadly, the same is not true of China’s market. Trade and investment restrictions and barriers seriously curtail market access for U.S. goods and services to China....

10 March, 2015
The New York Times

Rather than creating restrictive security policies, the Chinese government should take a more rational approach to security issues and give equal attention to the healthy development and global integration of China’s information-tech sector. This is especially important as Beijing struggles to maintain economic growth levels and rebalance the econo...

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