27 February, 2015
The Washington Post

China has dropped several top U.S. technology companies, including Cisco and Apple, from a list of brands that are approved for state purchases, amid a widening rift with the United States about cyberspace.

James Zimmerman, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China, said that in the high-tech sector in particular,...

12 February, 2015
The Wall Street Journal

Nearly nine out of 10 European companies operating in China say the country’s Internet restrictions are hurting business, a new survey has found, providing another indication that Beijing’s intensified efforts to exert control online are having an impact beyond freedom of speech.

U.S. companies have also complained about the impact of Beijing’s tightening...

11 February, 2015
Wall Street Journal

An annual survey released on Wednesday of about 500 members of the American Chamber of Commerce in China found that most companies believe that foreign firms have been targeted in widely publicized government investigations for a range of anticompetitive practices.

11 February, 2015
New York Times

Survey results released on Wednesday by the American Chamber of Commerce in China found for the first time in the survey’s 17-year history that most companies were having greater troubles recruiting executives because of air pollution.

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