21 November, 2016
Global Times

Keep in mind that campaign commentary is not government policy, James Zimmerman, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, told the Global Times on Monday.

Indeed, Trump will get absolutely nothing done and will create much uncertainty if he carries through with his campaign rhetoric on trade and China, noted Zimmerman. "The President-elect...

17 November, 2016
The Wall Street Journal

With the presidential election now over, the U.S. needs to take immediate steps to salvage the Trans-Pacific Partnership and prevent the harm to its economic and strategic interests that would result from the deal’s rejection. President-elect Donald Trump should rethink his opposition to TPP. To sustain their competitiveness and employment at home,...

17 November, 2016

Alan Beebe, president with the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said innovation has no boundaries, and about 90 percent of the chamber's member companies think innovation will be the key driver of future business in China.

13 November, 2016


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