30 January, 2015
Tech Times

Chinese government officials are adamant about blocking out "bad information" coming from the Internet amidst growing frustration among Chinese netizens who report that access to outside websites via virtual private networks (VPNs) has been blocked.

The American Chamber of Commerce in China chimed in, saying that the "excessive control over email...

30 January, 2015
The Christian Science Monitor

Beijing’s leaders continue to build defenses against the spread of Western ideas in ways that partly echo China’s self-imposed isolation of the 1960s, while also pushing a new mix of traditional Chinese and communist ideas.

In a place like China, which greatly values both secrecy and commerce, it's unclear how a decision to restrict VPNs has been...

29 January, 2015
The New York Times

y interfering with Astrill and several other popular virtual private networks, or V.P.N.s, the government has complicated the lives of Chinese astronomers seeking the latest scientific data from abroad, graphic designers shopping for clip art on Shutterstock and students submitting online applications to American universities.

“One unfortunate result...

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