26 February, 2019
Miami Herald (source: AP)

American companies want President Donald Trump's negotiations with Beijing to win them real improvements in their access to Chinese markets, not just a smaller overall U.S. trade deficit, a business group said Tuesday.
Companies that responded to a questionnaire last week want an end to Chinese pressure to hand over technology, unequal enforcement...

26 February, 2019

[Live TV] 【为什么在华美国企业不着急加大在华投资?】中国美国商会最新发布的中国商务环境调查报告显示美国企业既期待中国市场能继续快速增长,但对加大在华投资仍有所犹豫。中国美国商会Tim Stratford表示意料之内。
We invited Tim Stratford, AmCham's Chairman, to share his thoughts over their latest business climate survey.

26 February, 2019
Channel News Asia

[Video] Start around 37:00

26 February, 2019
Phoenix TV

[Video] Start from 13:40

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