17 January, 2019

The World Economic Forum published its 2019 Global Risks Report in London on Wednesday as the global economy is under the shadow of geo-economic and geopolitical tensions. Alan Beebe, president of AmCham China, however, does not believe that the world economy is slowly slipping into another crisis.
On some big challenges, whether geopolitical, environmental...

16 January, 2019
Wall Street Journal

“The rushed schedule by all accounts is intended in part to alleviate trade friction," said Lester Ross, a Beijing-based lawyer at WilmerHale who advises U.S. businesses and chairs the American Chamber of Commerce's China policy committee.

14 January, 2019
South China Morning Post

For instance, the USTR report omitted findings by the American Chamber of Commerce in China and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China which showed intellectual property rights (IPR) protection had gradually improved, although much work remained to be done, he said.

10 January, 2019

Today's event was attended by members of the U.S. diplomatic and business community in China, including U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad and head of the American Chamber of Commerce Tim Stratford. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon’s grandson Christopher Nixon Cox and Chinese diplomat Fu Ying were also at the lunch reception.

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