This information portal aims to provide AmCham China members with answers to many of the questions they have about vaccine access, vaccination procedures, and their implications on visa and travel requirements. Below you will find links to relevant website and reports. If you would like to join our volunteer vaccine task force, please register your interest here, outlining your skills and availability.

On April 12, AmCham China held the first AmCham China Vaccination Day. Click here to find out more.

AmCham China Focus Areas for Vaccines in 2021

What AmCham China Will Not Do…

  • Advocate for a particular type of vaccine
  • Directly sell or provide vaccines to members
  • Import foreign approved vaccines for members
  • Set up a vaccination site at AmCham China office
  • Provide medical advice or opinions on vaccines

All Member Standing Calls on Vaccine & Travel Status in China

AmCham China will hold a series of calls to update the membership on vaccines and travel.

1st Standing Call (Feb 9)

Featuring Joseph Shumway & Helen Zhang (United Family Healthcare), Jeffrey Que (Johnson & Johnson), and Jeff Lee (Microsoft)

3rd Standing Call (June 23)

Featuring Liza A. Buzenas (Culture & Education Section and Beijing American Center at US Embassy), Edison Chen ( Group), Geoffrey Jackson (US-China Aviation Cooperation Program ACP), Fran Liu (China Office at University of Minnesota), Nancy Lyu (United Airlines), Tawni Sasaki (Consular Section at US Embassy), and Amy Shi (Delta Air Lines)

2nd Standing Call (Mar 29)

Featuring Alfred Li (Raffles Medical), Geoffrey Jackson (U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program ACP), Adh T. Stevens (Economic Affairs Section at US Embassy Beijing) and Guoxian Cai (IATA North Asia)

4th Standing Call (August 17)

Featuring Alan Beebe (AmCham China), Helen Zhang (United Family Healthcare), Adh T. Stevens (Economic Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy), Geoffrey Jackson (U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program ACP), Only Jiang (United Airlines), and Judy Liu (Delta Air Lines)

Click here to read the key takeaways from the event.

Vaccination Resources in Beijing

To make a vaccine appointment at United Family Healthcare Beijing call 4008-919191 and follow the instructions.

To make a vaccine appointment at Raffles Medical Beijing, follow their WeChat account (ID: Raffles_Medical) and find instructions under the “预约Appt” tab.

Member-Generated Content


Research on the supply chain risks for COVID-19 vaccines (Gavekal)


The Critical Role of Diagnostics in COVID-19 Management (APACMed & LEK Consulting)


Vaccine medical info and Q&A (Raffles Medical)

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