51Talk provides 10% discount on first year tuition fee to all AmCham China members.



  • Member unit: The minimum purchase quantity of members shall be no less than two thousand time courses(no more less than 50 time courses per person).
    • Member units should sign a separate purchase agreement with 51Talk.
  • Individual members: 30% off the official price of 51Talk.
  • The above discounts will be adjusted according to the prices on the official website.


ABOUT 51Talk

51Talk, founded in 2011, is the first online English brand for young children and has been established for ten years. In 2016, it successfully went public in the United States (stock code NYSE:COE). It has more than 26,000 high-quality foreign teachers and independently developed the live-action online interactive teaching software Air Class (AC)( which provides users with high-quality educational resources and professional online outreaching solutions.

In 2019, 51Talk launched Wang Junkai, the latest brand image spokesperson, also the top traffic star and youth role model. After its launch, the market response was unprecedented. By the end of 2019, the cumulative number of online one-on-one courses had exceeded 100 million. In 2020, the industry’s first enterprise standard was released at the K12 Online Education Service and Evaluation Standards Seminar.

In 2020, the company realized overall profit and became the first enterprise in online English education for young children to achieve large-scale profits. It won a number of industry awards throughout the year. In the post-epidemic era, it took on the responsibility bravely and led the new trend of the education capital market. At the beginning of 2021, he had achieved five consecutive quarters of profit; actor Han Haolin became the first learning experience officer of 51Talk, and shared the performance of “true foreign teacher, real online and really responsible” with his spokesperson Wang Junkai.

51Talk, who adheres to inclusive education, looks forward to working with more partners and students to achieve the mission of “Enable everyone to be able to speak to the world”.