JPED Academy provides a 10% discount to all AmCham China members.

Discount details: Discount is only applied to new applicants for either Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 – one-time discount.


  • Advanced application is required.
  • Please present your AmCham China member card to redeem the discount.
  • The discount can’t be used in conjunction with other discounts


JPED Academy is dedicated to cultivating future citizens adapted to personal well-being, lifelong development, integration and social progress. It integrates the cultivation of general competence into subject courses and carries out interdisciplinary learning by means of teaching and learning designs and giving problems or projects to achieve the “student-centered” goal and cultivate the students’ ability to study actively and solve real problems in real life. JPED Academy is fully recognized by COGIA, and fully adopted its curriculum model, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a common core standard curriculum system for American education program, advocating project-based teaching. In addition to the standard curriculum system, PBL (project-based learning), as an interdisciplinary learning method with rich content, helps students to establish a framework for understanding and solving real-world problems by developing appropriate experiments and explorations. Starting with a meaningful problem, the students solve the problem through a multi-step process. The project requires students to use a variety of learning skills reasonably, including reading, writing, calculation, research, logical reasoning and other core competences needed by talents in the 21st century. Project-based learning advocates teamwork and encourages students to create and innovate.=

School mission:

Introducing global cutting-edge teaching concepts and a pure American teaching system. Being dedicated to cultivating students’ comprehensive ability and innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. Discovering the potential and merits of each student.

School vision:

Building a small and refined customized century-old international private school.

School values:

Daring, Innovative, Compassionate.