Graduate Recruitment

AmCham China has among its members some of the highest-caliber learning institutions in the world. These universities inevitably attract some of China's top talent, and the return of these well-educated individuals to their homeland offers fantastic opportunities for companies looking to hire.

The Career Center strives to connect organizations with USC students from all majors and all levels (undergraduate, graduate, and alumni) for employment and internship opportunities. We invite you to participate in the following services, programs, and events to increase your organization’s visibility and presence on campus. USC also launched the Master of Global Public Policy (MGPP), an executive program designed for international professionals who are eager to understand how to creatively solve complex policy problems that lay at the intersection of the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

The 21st century demands original approaches championed by a new breed of business leader—innovative, resourceful, pragmatic, and intrepid. These leaders must possess the knowledge and insight to creatively and effectively address the challenges of tomorrow—including those not evident today. The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School was created to meet these demands.

UConn’s School of Business prepares our graduates for today’s business world and gives them the tools they need to succeed in ever changing markets.

The specialty master's program at the Smith School of Business have several hundred students enrolled from China who plan to return home after graduation. Why not tap into this potential pipeline of outstanding bilingual and bicultural students for your recruitment needs?