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The American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization representing nearly 1,000 U.S. companies operating across China, including most of the Fortune 500. The Chamber’s nationwide mission is to help American companies succeed in China through advocacy, insights, relationships, and business support services. With offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, and Wuhan. AmCham China has 25 Working Groups and holds more than 300 events per year.


AmCham China’s Job Rotation Program is an exciting new program designed for both new hires and existing staff (including Cooperative Programs) to gain broad exposure and experience across various functions and departments (including Cooperative Programs) in AmCham China’s vibrant, collaborative, member-focused, non-hierarchical organization.


AmCham China is launching this program to 1) improve the resilience of the organization, 2) offer new and current staff additional flexibility and career growth opportunities, 3) deepen cross-departmental collaboration, 4) optimize AmCham China use of resources, and 5) support  implementation of periodic, high-priority special projects managed  by the President’s Office.


The duration of the job rotation is one year. After completion of the one-year job rotation, staff in the program (“rotator”) will work with the President’s Office and HR to be (re) assigned to a fixed position anywhere in the organization, determined by a combination of AmCham China priorities, department resource requirements, and the professional’s skills, capabilities and interests.


The job rotation is designed to provide staff in the program with exposure to at least three departments throughout the year, including the President’s Office, Member Operations & Chapters, Government Affairs & Policy, Marketing & Communications, Cooperative Programs, Digital Technology & Analytics, and Operations.


The rotator will spend a total of approximately 3-4 months in some combination of the above departments over the course of the year, manage several projects / activities simultaneously, and take responsibility for strategic, challenging activities as well as administrative tasks.


The President’s Office and HR will manage the overall program with significant input and suggestions from department leaders, especially as related to the nomination and assignments of rotating staff.


Program Objectives

There are five main organizational objectives for this program:

  1. Improve the resilience of the AmCham China organization. Develop a growing group of professional staff with diverse skills, capabilities and experience that can be leveraged across the organization, thereby improving the overall resilience of AmCham China.
  2. Offer additional flexibility and career growth opportunities for high-potential professionals. One of the advantages of a career with AmCham China is the unique opportunity for broad exposure to the many business challenges and opportunities of members, all within a non-hierarchical and results-driven organization. This program offers exceptional opportunities for professionals to broaden their career paths, develop diversified skills and capabilities, gain experience in different functions, and develop a holistic understanding of the Chamber’s operations.
  3. Deepen cross-departmental collaboration. AmCham China collaboration is integral with our values and culture. The job rotation program deepens this collaboration by exposing rotating staff to the inner workings of different departments and potentially working on activities or tasks for two departments simultaneously.
  4. Optimize use of AmCham China resources. Macro trends require AmCham China to remain fiscally conservative and responsible with new hiring and filling of open positions. This program helps AmCham China to “do more with less” by recruiting and grooming more high-potential staff who can operate across functions and smoothen workload peaks and valleys
  5. Support special projects managed by the President’s Office. Periodically, AmCham China initiates special projects managed by the President’s Office. Rotating staff will likely have opportunities to join these projects, especially those requiring coordination across multiple departments.


Program Duration and Multi-Tasking

The rotation across different departments will be one year, with the total time in each department ranging from 3 to 4 months based on department priorities and needs. The minimum uninterrupted duration in each department is 1 month. The rotating staff will not support more than two departments at any given time to ensure sufficient focus and management of bandwidth.


As an example, rotating staff could work 2 months in Marketing & Communications, followed by 3 months in Member Operations & Chapters, 1 month in the Healthcare Cooperative Program, 3 months in Government Affairs and Policy, 1 month in Digital Technology and Analytics, and wrap up their one year rotation with another 2 months in Marketing & Communications. For certain periods of the year, they may also dedicate part of their time to taking on a Special Project managed by the President’s Office.


At the conclusion of the one-year program, the rotating staff will move to a permanent position in the organization determined by a combination of AmCham China’s overall priorities, department-specific priorities and the rotating staff’s professional interests and career goals. Existing staff will either return to their original “home” department or move to a new role in a new department.


Internal Process and Guidelines for the Job Rotation Program

  1. New potential hires will be recruited for the job rotation program following AmCham China’s standard hiring process. Job offers will be for the job rotation program with an explicit agreement that the new hire enters the program for one year before being assigned to a full-time, permanent role in a department.
  2. Current staff interested in the program communicate their interest to join the program with their reporting Manager and/or HR as part of the individual development planning, mid-year evaluation and year-end performance evaluation processes. There will be no more than 1-2 current staff selected to join this program per year.
  3. President, in close collaboration with the Management Team and Department Heads, recommends and agrees on new hires or current staff to join the program. Current staff would typically enter the program at the beginning or middle of year after the year-end or mid-year evaluations.
  4. President’s Office gathers business needs and interest from across departments (including Cooperative Programs) in the last month of each quarter to help assess when and where the rotating staff will be assigned for the following quarter.
  5. The rotating staff will report directly to the Special Project Manager in the President’s Office, with a dotted line reporting relationship to the department head (s) or project leader(s) during the program year.
  6. The rotator shall support a combination of strategic, tactical, and routine tasks during the program. These include but are not limited to events, publications, special projects, program initiatives (e.g. Technology and Innovation Initiative, Social Impact Initiative, Policy Plus, etc.), led by various departments.
  7. The rotator shall manage/support no more than two departments at the same time to ensure sufficient focus and appropriate bandwidth.
  8. The annual individual development plan and mid- and year-end performance evaluations will be led by Special Project Manager with significant input from relevant department heads.


Qualifications for Job Rotation Candidates

The job rotation program is well suited for professionals who possess or can rapidly develop a diverse range of skills and capabilities that allow them to work effectively and efficiently in a variety of situations and settings. They will be a passionate, flexible, adaptable self-starter able to multi-task under pressure. Strong communication and people skills are essential to operate effectively in a matrixed organizational setting with multiple department heads and stakeholders.  Candidate attributes include:

  1. Ability to multi-task both effectively and efficiently, sometimes under time pressures
  2. Experience organizing events, programs, and projects with a variety of stakeholders
  3. Comfortable working in a matrixed organization setting, with flexibility and adaptability
  4. Team spirit, open mindset, and proactive attitude for coordination and collaboration
  5. Strong communicator (verbal and written), good project management skills, tech savvy
  6. Ability to work both strategically and tactically, with willingness to get hands dirty
  7. Results-oriented mindset and fast learner


How to Apply

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to hr@amchamchina.org.

To apply for this job email your details to hr@amchamchina.org