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  • Full time
  • Job location: Shanghai
  • Address: 9F, Building NO.1, Lane 2570, Hechuan Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai 200233,China
  • Contact phone: 15120062799
  • 企业性质: 外商独资
  • Enterprise Scale : 100-500

在超过 55 年的时间里,布鲁克始终致力于为每一项分析任务提供最好的技术解决方案。

近年来,布鲁克还成为了细胞生物学、临床前成像、临床表型组学与蛋白质组学研究、临床微生物学及分子病理学研究领域的高性能系统供应商。如今,布鲁克在世界各地共拥有 6000 多名员工,他们工作在各大洲的 90 多个城市,共同致力于为客户提供优异的服务。布鲁克已创造出大量的产品和解决方案并且拥有广泛的安装系统,因此在客户中赢得了良好的声誉。作为一家世界领先的分析仪器公司,布鲁克坚定地致力于满足客户的深层次需求,并持续不断地为当今的分析难题开发最先进的技术和创新解决方案。



  • guide and implement the go-to-market strategy for our FT-IR and Raman microscopy product line in the territory of China and coordinate market insights with the HQ and local management
  • guide and convince the local sales team of our innovations, products and sales strategies
  • train the local sales team in how to present and sell our products by addressing our using selling points
  • guide and convince the local sales team with impressive demonstrations of our products in front of prospects and customers
  • develop and roll out measures for raising revenue with our products
  • present our solutions on seminars and conferences
  • Initialize and trigger marketing activities to further increase the awareness of our products
  • suggest improvements and enhancements to our products to strengthen their position and establish them in new markets
  • this position reports to the Country Manager Bruker Optics CN and dotted lines to the head of the business unit CML (Compact-microscopy-life science)


  • several years of experience in the management of products or projects
  • knowledge with Raman or FTIR microscopy is expected
  • master’s degree in technical engineering or natural sciences
  • good presentation skills to communicate technical innovations and sales initiatives to the project teams, and country organizations globally
  • ability and willingness to travel of at least 50% working time
  • motivative/leadership attitude


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