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Technology development, technology promotion, technology transfer, technical consultation and technical services; Selling self-developed products; Computer system services; Basic software services; Application software services; Software development; Software consulting; Product design; Model design; Packaging design; Education consulting (except intermediary services); Economic and trade consultation; Cultural consultation; Sports consultation; Public relations services; Conference services; Arts and crafts design; Computer animation design; Corporate planning and design; Designing, producing, acting and distributing advertisements; Enterprise management; Enterprise management consulting; Health management (except medical activities subject to approval) and health consultation (except medical activities subject to approval); Organizing cultural and artistic exchange activities (excluding commercial performances); Literary and artistic creation; Organizing exhibitions and exhibitions; Film and television planning; Translation services; Natural science research and experimental development; Engineering and technical research and experimental development; Agricultural scientific research and experimental development; Medical research and experimental development; Data processing (except bank card center and cloud computing data center with PUE value above 1.5 in data processing). (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities shall be carried out in accordance with the approved contents after approval by relevant departments.)