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We are UNIQUE, a boutique consultancy with dedicated focus on organizational-, personal- and process development. We support our customers to improve efficiency and effectivity within their organizations. We add sustainable value via our integral approach of consulting, training, coaching and hands-on guiding of our customers through the entire change and improvement process in the focus areas of Executive Development, Strategy Development, Supplier Development, Lean Management, Warranty Management, Interim Management and Customized Solutions.

欧涅可商务咨询集团是一家专注于企业、个人发展和流程开发的优质咨询公司,协助和支持客户提高企业的工作和生产效率。 我们在执行发展、战略发展、供应商发展、精益管理、保修管理,过渡管理和定制解决方案等领域,通过为客户提供咨询、培训、技术和实践指导的整体方案助企业实现可持续价值增长