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The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB)is Beijing’s first fully qualified international Montessori school. We are an affiliate member of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and are fully registered with the Chinese Ministry of Education Beijing Education Bureau. For over two decades, our school has been committed to providing the best educational and developmental experience for children from Nursery through Grade 6. Our English Only and Dual Language programmes are unsurpassed in Beijing, providing our students with a strong academic foundation in all subjects, as well as the necessary skills for success.

北京蒙台梭利国际学校(MSB)是北京的第一所具有完全资质的国际蒙台梭利学校。我校隶属于美国蒙台梭利协会,并在中国教育部北京教育局备案。 在过去的20多年里,我校致力于为幼儿到六年级的孩子提供最好的教育与发展经历。我们的英语和双语课程在北京无可比拟,既能为学生打下扎实的各学科学业基础,也能让学生习得成功的必备技巧。