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Plug and Play focuses on building a global platform for technological innovation. Our headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, which is among the oldest and largest technology innovation accelerators. After over a decade, Plug and Play has become the leading international technology innovation platform with partners all over the world. Since 1998, Plug and Play has built an innovative ecosystem with nearly 10,000 startups, including superstars such as Google, PayPal, and Logitech.   In 2015,Plug and Play came to China and focus on building an ultimate innovation ecosystem and ventures, which is also committed to helping startups grow in three dimensions: startup accelerator, corporate innovation, and innovation consulting. We also work with corporations, governments, universities, and other ecosystems to focus on open innovation, cooperation, and development. Plug and Play China has invested and incubated more than 300 Chinese startups, and more than 200 startups have entered the “Plug and Play Unicorn Accelerator Program”. We are working in depth with all the central cities in China to build an acceleration platform for industrial advancement. In addition, we have imported more than 100 technology projects from the US, Germany, Russia, and Plug and Play accelerators in other countries around the world.

Plug and Play,总部位于美国硅谷,起步于全球成立最早、规模最大的科技创业加速器,专注于打造全球化科技创新生态平台。经过十余年的发展,Plug and Play 已在全球搭建了与近万家创业公司共同成长的创新生态体系。自 1998 年起,Plug and Play 累计投资、孵化超过 10000 家初创企业,其中更是诞生了PayPal、Google、LendingClub、Dropbox、Logitech 等明星巨头 。   2015 年,Plug and Play 来到中国,Plug and Play 中国作为全球顶级科技创新加速器&投资机构,在中国致力于在投资、创业加速、企业创新服务、创新咨询等层面立体化帮助创业企业成长,并与大企业、政府、大学等深度生态合作,专注开放式创新合作,寻求共同发展。Plug and Play 中国已累计投资、孵化超过 300 家中国创业公司,有超过 200 家创业公司进入到“Plug and Play 独角兽加速计划”中,Plug and Play 中国与全国各中心城市及双创示范中心城市深度合作构建产业创新加速平台;此外,Plug and Play 中国从美国硅谷、德国、俄罗斯以及 Plug and Play 在全球其他国家的加速器、创新平台等引进了超过 100 个科技项目进入中国市场。