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The Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) is a leading international IB World school founded in 1994. The school prides itself on its world-class facilities, highly qualified teachers, global curriculum, warm and supportive environment, and service-oriented culture. We provide a learner-centered atmosphere that nurtures a strong sense of community among our 1,400 students with the mission to “Connect, Inspire, Challenge: Make a Difference.”

北京京西学校是一所领先的非营利性国际IB学校, 成立于1994年。学校以其一流的设施,高资质的教师团队,以及全球化的课程设计,温暖的助学环境而闻名。 北京京西学校本着“以学生为中心”的育人理念,以融合,激励,挑战:贡献为使命,致力于培养有责任心的世界公民。