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Founded in 1990, AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AG) is a global manufacturer of agricultural equipment and related replacement parts. AGCO’s products are distributed in more than 140 countries worldwide with the net sales of US$ 9.7 billion in 2014. The Company is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia/USA, the APAC headquarter is located in Beijing and has production sites and sales offices in Changzhou, Shanghai, Yanzhou, Daqing, Harbin and Xinjiang.

成立于1990年(纽约证券交易代码:AG)的美国爱科集团是世界上最大的专注于农机设备的制造商。爱科产品销往全球140个国家,2014年净销售额达97亿美元。爱科总部设在美国乔治亚州德卢斯,亚太区总部设立于北京, 并在常州、上海,兖州、大庆、哈尔滨和新疆设有工厂和销售点。