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A full service inbound and outbound contact center outsourcer, with integrated processes designed to meet the needs of our clients. The company has had extensive experience in providing both inbound and outbound services including customer acquisitions for industries such as telecommunications, insurance & financial institutions, automotive, technology, travel & hospitality and retail businesses. The fully flexible deployment includes the accommodation of any channel (voice, e-mail, online chat, SMS, social media etc), any level of automation (full IVR or hybrid, virtual contact center hosting), any location (near-shore, off-shore).

提供全面呼入和呼出服务的呼叫中心外包商,为客户提供所需的集成流程。 公司在提供呼入和呼出服务方面有丰富的经验,包括客户的行业采购,如电信,保险及金融机构,汽车,科技,旅游及款待和零售业务。灵活的部署可以兼容任何通道(语音,电子邮件,网上聊天,手机短信,社交媒体等)、任何自动化水平(IVR或混合动力,虚拟联络中心托管)以及任何位置(近岸或离岸)。