OSI (China) Holding Co., Ltd.


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Business Scope

1. Establishing R&D center or department in China for the research and development of new products and innovative techniques, transferring its R&D results and providing relevant technical service; 2. Acting as the distributor, importer and exporter, commission agent (except auction) for the products of parent company and its affiliates/subsidiaries, including meat, seafoods, eggs, vegetables and fruits, and related processed products and rice and flour products, and providing relevant support services.

1. 在中国境内设立科研开发中心或部门,从事新产品及高新技术的研究开发,转让其研究开发成果,并提供相应的技术服务;2. 从事母公司及其关联公司,子公司所生产的肉类,海产品,蛋类,蔬菜水果及相关加工产品,米面制品的批发,进出口,佣金代理(拍卖除外)并提供相关配套服务。